Nexus Hub - Join My Small Settlement!

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Hey everyone! I am looking to see if anyone would like to join my settlement: The Nexus Hub! I am looking to expand it, and would love some company :smiley: I have multiple portals on the site (4 to be exact) that connect to the PS Hub on Sorissi, the Capitol City on Sorissi, the PS Shopping Hub, and another hub that is a WIP shopping hub. As you can guess, I also have a shop in the settlement. Also, if you stick around for a while, and prove yourself trustworthy, you will gain access to the workshop and all the benefits that come with it!

Sorissi Coordinates: -1,486N -138E


love this post looking goodzz

Looks awesome, I like the amount of detail you went into using simple blocks!

Hi All,

I have joined the Nexus Hub, and have finally got my walls up and a lot of chiselling done! Hope you like it
Have a lot of work to do inside and also underneath but shes getting there.
Any tips on internal lighting are welcome, I still need to knock down all shelves and machines and re-locate properly.
Through the large open veiwport at the back Iā€™m planning use lustrious wood and make a tree sculpture, there was a tree there but it was slightly off centre.
Anyway come check it out and if you have any constructive tips they are most welcome.!
I also need to incorporate some ancient timber like what Jacob has done on the other buildings, so again so advice there would be great!


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I deffo come check this out. Looks dope!

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