Niia Zed Ka? How do i get to this planet?


Wandering around MinorEngle, i saw a far star with a name i dont recognize. Can anyone see this planet from their planet? I would very much like to go there =D


You can get there from Finata!


Looks like a brand new t1 world, probably has not been connected to any portal hubs yet


At this rate I don’t think PS will keep up with connecting :wink:


not only PS
im starting to have problems too :slight_smile: with ultima hub :smiley:this is geting ridicious :smiley: but i lve it :slight_smile:


lol, Good game problems “Theres too many worlds!!!” =P

Just wandering around finding a new planet is sooo awesome!

Thanks for the info, gonna head there now!


We are just waiting for a couple more players to come online and we’ll have all the planets connected, most are already connected now. Niia Zed Ka is now connected to Refgar which is connected to Lamblis.


You are doing… we’ll boundless would not be same without you, really, I mean it, it would be lesser game. The same goes with @Hashmalash and Ultima Hub. But that’s also an indicator how awesome the game is itself, so that communities can integrate so well into it :slight_smile:


I have connected Angel I and Minorengle to Seginiakai… doing my part :slight_smile:


I saw your outpost/portal on Minorengle. Great job Forgemasters =D


Check out this sign made with Niia Zed Ka’s Sedimentary Slate color! My favorite so far! Makes the ink “pop”!


yeah really nice and sharp


We’re making a settlement on Niia Zed Ka, please join. Beginning of a new settlement, not sure if anyone much about on this planet. We have an open portal to aqua hub on finata. Come build whatever you want. More the merrier.

Location is 93N 1726E


Just to add to the above, we now have settlement status, join the movement


I gladly join the settlement. I will be on after work (10 hours from now).


You can get to it through Vibe-x’s shop named above on Finata, there’s a portal near the shop section at the back, and you can get to that shop through the Lambis market portal hub, use the portal at the top row, in the corner signed vibe-x. The portal in his shop links straight into the town. The settlement is called Swintonia. Bring anyone else you can too.


Settlement slowly building up, want as many people as possible to join! Keep us growing to reach capital status!


what is actually needed to become capital?


Need to have the most prestige of all settlements on the planet


meanwhile it is called “Alibaba’s Express HQ” btw :smiley: a synergy between “Alibaba” and “Ali Express”. But yeah, you canuse to teleport.