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as always, thank you @Gorillastomp for providing these posts, they are such a great resource



Hey, did anyone by any chance find Ancient Wood on this exo? I would love to have just a couple of pieces…a location or trade or shop would be great :slight_smile:


I checked and did not find any. If they are there they are well hidden and not very many. I believe there are none though…I have found that when they have the mould/sponge trees that it replaces a wood type. Not saying 100% of the time…


Thanks for your reply…it confirms my thoughts :slight_smile: It can be incredibly hard to find sometimes…


anyone by chance found tangle or mud there? post coords if any


@Zjawcia There might be coords showing on the left side in the debug menu (never looked) but I did find 1 piece of mud on the stalk of these plants.


i found similiar place, whole sponge/mould forest but no mud…so maybe its just single blocks scattered in few places, anyway thanks for info :slight_smile:


found it, literally 1 mud block…


I dont think ive seen mouldy sponge trees before.
But watch out guys! Its BLACK MOULD


I swear someone’s been targeting those glow shrooms, because I spent two hours searching, but only found 20 in all that time. ø<ø;;