No coins on visit

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So, I have a base on new Layden. Where I get 80 coin visit per visit, I sold blocks sometime last night to today and I got zero coins? What happen?

i might be that you clicked the option for a guild to acces your beacon turn it off and see if it is fixed think thats the issue
you can allign and give guild no rights

I allied with the guild, but I didn’t give them permission.

Footfall was broken when the update went live. It just got fixed with the patch this morning.

got lots off pm people thougt it was related :slight_smile:

So what does that mean? Another day with zero footfall?

they should give back our losses :grin:
think i due 200k lol

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I hope they do… that’s a lot of coin to not be getting. Has there been any word from devs on the issue? All I saw was that it was supposedly fixed.

dunno just learned its not linked to guild
was about to loose our warden :joy:

Oh man, I have no money from any of my stores. This is not fare. I put in work now I get nothing at all.

I thought mine was in the 500k range but I could be off on the decimal placement.

Footfall sounds like it’s been fixed but people are now being caught off guard by the new calculation. People will not trigger the full coin amount until 5 days after they last visit.

It seems to me that the counter would have been reset, therefore as of day 1, you would be getting the full amount per guest. I have zero footfall… I would assume that If you’re assumption is correct, that I would receive even a percentage of the footfall from a portion of guests… I find it kind of weird that every visit has been someone who has visited so much to actually give zero.

Have you checked since the last hot fix this morning?

It looks like the hot fix for footfall was released just 3 hours ago.

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i completly clueless are we getting less again
if so im gonna have to take half my time away from my community projects :slightly_frowning_face:
i started playing and used it as my money source so i could focus on those projects
i worked real hard getting that footfall since beta i hope im just getting the wrong vibe here its kinda what keeps me rolling

Yep. Checked all my beacons. I generally make at least 2k (on a bad day) in my shop… with a fix I know I would be getting more… definitely not zero. And this is all beacons… not aligned or otherwise.

Well there’s your problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, I dunno. I’m a little upset now that this update came out. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Well, it was broken and did need fixing… but fixing broke it even more! :money_mouth_face: