No Gold Anywhere?

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Hello, I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and have been absolutely LOVING it. However, I am in desperate need of gold, so that I can eventually craft the totem upgrade. I am on Solum, but for the life of me cannot find gold ANYWHERE. I’ve read a couple posts, saying they were in snowy mountain areas, and spent the past 3 hours looking in the ice mountains- and finding nothing. If someone can bring some clarity to where to find this material, or tricks to find it easier, that would be so helpful!

Look in the mountainsides in the desert biomes. You’ll likely have to dig for a while. Good luck.

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Follow the copper/coal seams, the gold are often in-bedded in those.

In the desert or the ice mountains? I’ve heard both.

Its in both.
I have found it digging in desert mountain, and when tunneling ice-capped mountain.

Alright. I’ve been searching in the desert for a while but haven’t been able to find anything. Do you know if there’s a biome that it is more prominent in?

No, i am not sure, but many say they found it in desert peaks, following coal and copper.
Or in snowcapped mountains, following coal and iron.

The most i have found have been around 100 in altitude, but that probably there i have digged the most…

I heard from someone else that gold is most prominent between 90 and 110 altitude, so I’ll look more specifically around there. Thanks!

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