No grapple block

would be awesome if there was a forge option on something that when, say a forged totem that had no grapple would set a hit block block to not be grappleable.

reason for this is to give a better parkour option. IE things like 1 block on a wall was grappleable, and having to grapple sling over stuff and then regrappling to hit 1 spot on the wall around the corner type thing.

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I just think it would be nice to have a beacon toggle for grapples, so you can make parkour courses where grapples can’t even be used.


Thought of the same thing, but a beacon would be too big, and that would be problematic since you can’t have several beacons in the same vertical axis.

So maybe an item like the scroll you use to un-plot, but instead of un-plotting, it would allow you to access the options of a plot to change more than just the “grapple : yes / no” thing.


Grapple Plot Blocker is a good ide.
I myself at one point suggested a beacon option on turning grapples off

I would like to make a climbing tower with a reward at the top if we had the option :slight_smile:

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A twisted version of it would be to make people grapple to the top but have the reward at the bottom. :grin:


Seriously? When did this change?

You can have several beacons, but they take on the same properties as the Master Beacon I believe. You cannot have multiple PEOPLES beacons in the same vertical axis

i think you guys are talking about plots in the same beacon?

I’ll test immediately as I’ve wanted this since I started playing.

Multiple beacon controllers don’t create “separate beacons”.

So I created this tower wchich extends out and above the plotted space of my beacon. It’s more than one plot high to ensure that when i place the new beacon it doesn’t add a plot to the existing beacon, there would be a gap.

Even though this is the same character, I cannot create a new/separate beacon in a plot column reserved by an existing beacon.

@Goblinounours got me excited for a minute, lol. Lots of other people request this too.

My bad, I meant “can’t”. ^^’