No items to reclaim in beacon

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I recently came back to the game, and after placing a new beacon, there’s no option to reclaim all of my old items. Is there a way to have my items restored or am I just stuck starting completely over? :confused:

Did your beacon expire before or after the update? Is that beacon set to master? You can only retrieve your items back on a master beacon

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Welcome back! Beacon reclaims were added in the spring of 2020. If it happened after that, you will be able to reclaim your items.

Other than that, make sure you go through all of your characters. Place a new beacon and see if any of them have a reclaim. Sometimes it can take a few hours (up to 24 hours) for the reclaim to appear - not sure why (this happened to me twice).

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Well I only just placed my beacon, so here’s to hoping it just takes me a bit for it to show up. I can’t remember when I last played. It may have been before the update. :confused: I really hope not though because I lost a lot of stuff if that is the case ><

In your places list, is it the only beacon you see listed?
As DaOne mentioned, when you interact with it, make sure you’ve set it to home/master.
And go through each alt/character you have.

I only have this one character. (Well, I made an alt like, 2 days ago.)
I see my old beacon from when I last played, but there’s nothing when I go there.
So I see my old beacon, and my new one. I JUST set my new one to home.

If you clicked “reclaim” on the other beacon or viewed it, you will probably have to go back to it. Once a reclaim is viewed/set to a beacon, it can’t be moved until it’s emptied.

If the reclaim doesn’t show up sometime today, perhaps we can get a dev to see if you have any available. @james @vdragon @Leahlemoncakes

Oh should I go place a beacon at the old location and check its reclaim?

Edit: I tried this and nothing. :confused:

You can’t move a reclaim that has been viewed/opened. It stays with the beacon. If the beacon is deleted, the reclaim would be too. Placing a new beacon in the same place wouldn’t allow access to the reclaim.

If you had a reclaim on a beacon that was fueled or had Gleam club & it expired, any open reclaims would become available on a freshly placed beacon.

I never had a beacon to go back to when I came back, so my reclaim would be at my newly placed one, if there was one, right?

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If you would please send a PM to @james . Include your character name(s). I believe he can check to see if you have any reclaims available.

If not, there are a lot of helpful players and guilds that would be more than happy to help you get started again.

I’'m not seeing how to send them a PM. I may be blind, entirely possible.

If you click on his name/link: @james there should be a pop-up and a red button that says “message”.

Nope not seeing a message button

Ok. One moment…

Sorry for the complications ;-;

Just sent you a message invite.

I have a message button now… >.> I got a notification about being promoted to trust level for spending time here


Welcome back buddy if anything I can do to help like blocks , gleam , machines for a fresh start please let me know, i will glad to give you a hand

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Are you in the Discord?

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