"No Keyboard" Icon

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Just a simple little one … this could help when a PC player bounds up to a PS4 player and just starts blabbing on … no amount of ability to speak English can help with a software keyboard. :wink:

Equally, if someone’s just playing with a controller on PC, they might wanna put the icon up … could just stop a talkative person (like myself) wanging on which might make the other person a little frustrated either by not wanting or being able to reply easily/at length, or whatever. … not to mention the anxiety they might feel about looking rude.

For the record, I never think that someone that doesn’t respond is rude. However not being able to (or maybe not feeling like it) would certainly make me feel like I might be perceived as rude … so I thought I’d mention it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, just a thought … leaving it here, not subscribing to the thread, as I don’t need to debate a suggestion. :wink:


Guess thats why we have emotes…
Its not the same but its something.

This has been requested before but never really got answer To it… Liketo other 500 suggestions

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You see the Playstation ID under the Charakter name maybe that will help a little

I do like playing games that include a small icon next to the players’ names (in-game), that shows which platform they’re using.

I agree it would be nice if there were some type of icon to represent no typing/communication (for whatever reason). :no_entry_sign: It could be used by solo players, busy players, young players with parental control blocks, players with no keyboard, disabled players, etc.


You can use a keyboard on PS4, though it is very awkward as it does do some wierd things sometimes. I still prefer to not type due to the awkwardness, so instead I use Discord on my phone to chat in length. But that’s just me


I definitely feel anxiety trying to keep up with keyboard users lol. I’m on PS4 without a keyboard and if I don’t see that PSN ID on someone’s name I stress out about answering them quickly enough that they won’t walk away haha

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Sadly, only PS4 players can see that tag. PC players cannot see anything except the character names.


I play with enough PS players I know if someones doesn’t respond quickly enough, give them a minute or few to respond.

I have also found you can plug in a USB keyboard to the PS4 and it can be used. @Dexx666 was my experiment, where I had a keyboard mailed to his house so he could chat and play. :smiley:

However, I agree there should be something PS4 users can quickly jot off or emote off that can signify they don’t have a keyboard or may take a moment to type a reply.

Being on Discord also can help, PS4 users can join via a phone or tablet to join in. I have been trying to keep myself available on PS Chat if someone needs to talk that way as well, and since I am a PC user I can quickly get a message off to the person for them.

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Ps4/no keyboard icons would definitely help.

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Oh ok didn’t know that. That’s bad…

It’s all good! I just try to be patient with people. It takes the edge off. :slight_smile:


Some of us play on PC and have a keyboard and still don’t respond. Sometimes it’s because one does not always notice the chat. Sometimes it’s because the chat UI is so abysmally wretched it’s not worth bringing up. Sometimes the thought of talking to a stranger creates so much anxiety one just turns tail and runs.

It would be OK with me to have a “go ahead and talk but don’t be offended if I don’t respond” status icon.


That’s a real mouthful

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:white_check_mark::ear: / :x::question::loudspeaker:

They actually make specific keyboards for the PS4 controller that hooks into the bottom of the controller. You can usually get a PS4 keyboard really cheap for as low as $10 to $20

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