No Meteor Meteors Inside Buildings/Small Settlements (w/ random changing spawn points)

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A meteor that hits dwellings with no locked/inaccessible areas.

The meteor hits with no damage and an egg appears in one room.

Then spawn points erupt throught the area, forcing players to see and enjoy the build. At the end the egg opens up and instead of a facehugger it’s sweet, sweet, loot.


Tell me you’re high without saying you’re high… lmao


That would be a fun addition to the hunting activity.
I do see one problem with it tough…
It would mean that inaccessible air “gaps” need to be filled by the builder/owner of the build.
Otherwise things like an “egg” under the floor with no way to reach it would happen.
That said magnets wold solve that in most cases. But there are builds with in accessible air “plots”.

On a side note this wold also become very frustrating for “machine” rooms, storage rooms, shopsand hubs (to name a few locations).
Simply because a crafter isn’t usually build to be protected from the mobs as it doesn’t leave the room.
In a shop image if you need a goodie and you get attacked because of it.
Or as a builder the regular interference of mobs “plagues”.

Again it would be a good addition to hunting but there should also be safeguards in place then to keep it from happening at certain locations :wink:.

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Could turn it off via your beacon? Similar to how you disable shop stand visibility?


Precisely :wink:

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I make it a rule to try not to return to Suggestion threads, because for some odd reason there are folks that feel like it’s a place to tell you you’re wrong to dream, and I just can’t be arsed with all that. :sweat_smile:

This said, @Tmmk, it’s good line of questioning, for sure. I would hope that just generic world awareness and algorithmic processing can account for it.

I choose to believe that an amalgam of the algorithms that prevent spawn points in caves just under the surface would be able to find a given room with enough … headroom? … to ensure that:

  1. Wherever the egg is, it’s accessible.
  2. Wherever the spawn points are, they’re accessible.

I mean, even now the game can’t stop crazy spitters diving into caves to drag a hunt on for too long … but I reckon general awareness of the world as it is, shouldn’t be something that isn’t already done. It just would need to:

  1. … apply to player plotted areas,
  2. … ensure that no damage is done to said areas.

The only reason I mentioned locks is because it feels like an easy first tick on a checklist of assessments:
OK, this beacon has locks, no go here
… and I would hope that inaccessible areas would just be a (potentially complex? maybe it’s already part of the meteor algorithms) method of assessing 2 block height access to any given larger ‘room’.

Anyway, 'inaccessible air gaps" don’t need anything done by the builder, unless they want their build to be “hunt compatible.”

Like, I’d definitely start to section off with beacons things like my ‘friend zone’ (locked boxes for mates), or my laboratory.

Plus, like @NickkThatsGood mentioned, once your build is hunt friendly, then actually having a preference in the beacon settings also sounds like a really solid idea, too. That way, if you have a property of multiple beacons that might all be technically valid, you could still steer it away from your machine room one day, maybe, if you just wanted to get some gosh darned work done. :sweat_smile:

I mean, I’m exaggerating slightly, but it feels doable.

Anyway, I’ll return to my muted status … but thought that I’d mention that it feels like it might be some work, but it feels logically plausible.

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Hmm … I wonder if the Buildable Space alogorithm would be useful as a part of something like this.