No XP Gained for Chiseling Refined Metals & Other XP Issues


Like the title says. No XP is being given for chiseling refined metals. I’ve tried refined Silver, Gold and Iron and tried various normal and precise chisels. XP is given normally for Gleam, Bricks, Refined stone etc.

While on the subject of no XP being given for some things. I don’t know if you guys on the Dev team have managed to see my post from The Regen Bug thread. It’s in regards to no xp being given when replacing one type of beam with another…

So yea, there seems to be a couple of issues involving XP.


the beam case is because the system distinguishes chisel patterns + block-type, but the different “metal-types” of metal poles are actually the same block type with different colours only (this is different than the refined/machined metal blocks which are actually different block ids as well)


Ah gotcha. I had a feeling it was just a different texture on the beams & poles. That’s good to know. Thanks, Lucadeltodesco.

That just leaves the chiseled refined metal Xp issue then. Any ideas on that one?


Also just noticed that Xp is not being given for Regenerated Gleam when harvested out in the wild. I’m on Kada I grabbing some Cool Blue and every so often I’ll get the Tool Tip pop up about not getting Xp for smashing and replacing blocks. This tool tip used to pop up only when building but now it’s popping on regenerated resources when farming for stuff.

This one is intermittent though, sometimes you’ll get Xp for harvesting regenerated gleam, sometime you wont.

Seems like someone spilled their spaghetti soup into the Xp Machine’s code with this update. So many issues.


I’m quite sure I didn’t get XP for chiseling bricks (stone chisel) and deco wood (iron and gold chisel) yesterday. But I have to check again to be sure.


Also no xp for transform chiselling either!
That is an advanced action right there. Should definitely reward xp!


hope they don’t or they will have to remove the endless rotation to stop after the last type and would need to break the block to replace it when you go to far.


Yup so many ways to cheese the system.
But it leaves a lot of honest people alone in the dark.

Could just award xp 3 times or only award the xp after the block stops getting changed and is left alone for a certain period of time.
Lots of possible workarounds that still limit the abuser but doesnt punish the honest player.


Looks like you don’t XP for the first hit with the chisel, but you get XP for every hit afterwards.


I noticed if you replace the same type of block material no xp given which makes sense.

Chiseling is a little off for me also, and the feed for what you break and xp given resets the xp gain bar very often, and sometimes doesnt even show up untill you have to rest and continue.

Xp still gained, just the bar doesnt show up.


Were you chiselling any specific type of blocks in this instance, or was it happening for any block?


Any block and most actions, not region discovery because well, it takes time. Gathering surface resources the bar just continues to fill up.

Most actions which are repetitive, building, chiseling and mining the bar resets often and doesn’t come back up untill resting, or will randomly come back and restart the xp gain.


This morning I was replacing some Refined Gravel steps and walkway with Refined Oort. The underside is square chiseled twice for headroom. No experience was received for the first chisel. While chiseling the steps no experience was received until I switch to a precision square chisel. Again experience was not received for the first hit.


I actually just checked, had some exo world colors ready and yes the chiseling is weird. I also got xp for replacing refined sedimentary, with exo refined sedimentary stone and got xp, but not for chiseling. Regular square chisel, gold precise bevel chisel, neither works.

I started to think this was intentional but something is up.


For the example you’ve given, did you use a Square Chisel for the Refined Gravel (Decorative Refined Gravel?) or the Refined Oort (Refined Oortsone)?

I take it you were referring to the Decorative Refined Gravel blocks? Also, which of the Precise Square Chisels were you using?

I can’t see anything resembling Refined Sedimentary Stone. Did you mean Refined Sedimentary Rock?


No idea which chisel I had used on the decorative refined gravel, it was weeks if not months ago. I was replacing it with refined Oortstone. I used an amethyst square chisel to start and received no xp for those steps. Once I switched to the precise square gem chisel I received xp only on the second hit, completing the step. If I chiseled the back side of the steps I got xp since it wasn’t the first strike.


Yes rock, refined.


Thanks for the replies. It definitely looks like XP is only awarded when a block is chiselled the second time round, so I’ll add a note to the database about it.


Thank you.