Nobody buy any economy system is bad

hi,i think this economy system with 1000000 shops and 1000000 chaotic portals where nobody know what ppls sells or buy when go through portals is ultra wrong and bad.iam miner and i craft basic materials ingots stones compact coals clay pealts ,gems etc.and now i cant sell anything anywhere i spend hours and hours to explored billions portals where i can sell my product and nothing nobody buy big shops all sellers only offers items but nothing buy how make money in this system daily feats ??? OMG its total bad this and bored.CREATE AUCTION HALL where all ppls sells or buys items and all know prices .


Not sure where you looked, but there is literally 100s of shops buying things. Go to one of the big hubs… portal seekers or ultima or something and you can visit 100 shops in a few minutes… guaranteed you’ll find plenty of buyers all competing with eachother on price for your business

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If no one is buying from you then either your prices are too high or your traffic is too low.

Try checking around for prices and match the going rate and try building near popular locations such as near portal hubs or place a portal in your shop from them and advertise your store there and in places like the discord or here in the trading area.

There are also places like this you can advertise:

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Hi @Kamenik,

I agree with you about the chaos the shops and portal numbers, there is nothing centralized and since the release of this game, I saw 1 thing that people naturally go for… a shop, because just want to make money :slight_smile: (something that this game I don’t think it was intended for).

I think I suggested since before the release that an API (interface to the numbers on the server useful for a centralized website) would benefit the game and the ingame economy greatly and the devs are thinking about it, it’s just that there are bigger features and elements that have higher priority for which a team of ~25-30 people works on (don’t actually know the number of “devs” working for the game, :smiley: and quotes because “devs” on this forum seems to encapsulate all the developers, QA engineers, business analysts, PMs, SAs,… a lot of professions, but I digress…).

My recommendation for you… is to try to experience the game for what it was designed for, gather, build, craft, progress, extend, expand, exploit, explore. There are sooo many creative things to do in this game, so many! Don’t limit to just grinding for cash.
And if this is all you like to do, that is all good, it’s just that you will need, for now, to construct a system, just like in real life, if you want to be a merchant and sell stuff… you need to explore your options, see what big shopping centers there are, talk to people, make deals with them, this way you make the game more engaging for your own play-style.

Wish you the best,


one thing i find unusual, there is little or no variance in price from system to system, i would expect in a free market economy to see coal cheaper on coal worlds , base metals cheaper on metal worlds. things like AOE tools or gems not so much variance , as they are difficult to make or mine.

there is little or no opportunity to use trade to make money , IE buy it low and sell it with profit.

Yes there are a lot of portals.

I am playing a pure hunter for a while, and I sell stuff all the time. I could do it all at one or two shops that are fair, or I can hunt around for the best deals. If I am not selling to your shop then its prices are terrible. For example I’ve seen diamond slingbows selling from 9k - 40k. Granted they have different mods, but anyone at the upper end there is not getting my business. I’ve seen people buying the purple yams from 150 - 5, anyone at the bottom end there is out of touch (or overstocked). I know its impossible to keep track of everything, like the glowing lamella which sells from 10 to 100 and does fluctuate, but checking up on the larger stores and remaining somewhat competitive every week takes 5 minutes. BUT:

It really is a matter of learning a couple of HUBS not shops, and using them, remembering where you came in and getting used to the directions. I would not be against planets listing their shops, and then offering waypoints to them, I’ve always thought this would be a good idea. At least a planetary listings terminal could show people stock at any shop plugged into it. But yeah learning a hub or two saves you a lot of time.

For shop owners wanting traffic. I would name your shop based on what it sells, so its on every sign.

Something stone.
Gems something
Something weapons.

Or a related name, like tavern, forge, hunting goods. This helps advertise it.



It can seem a little Chaotic at cettain places, mainly the main cities, but the great thing about this game is that you can create absolutely anything! :slight_smile:

It seems as tho you enjoy mining and crafting, what I consider, very usful items (compact Peat, Coal, Gems etc) - you could make a very profitible shop and build it anywhere. You could build it in the middle of nowhere and have a few portals in it leading to popular places to gain some traffic.

Or you could choose to builld your shop in a less chaotic, but popular places that fits your prefferred style of build/community and be known as the “go to shop” for mined goods. This way, you don’t have to run around everywhere looking for request baskets, and you can make more money selling from your shop, than selling to request baskets = win win! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think OP is trying to run a shop, I think they want to sell their drops from hunting to request baskets. In my experience every request basket is a scam. Request baskets should be used like offline WTB posts, but no one does that because there’s no central place to matchmake those one-off trades. Instead request baskets are only used by merchants trying to keep their mega marts stocked or who set up trading posts where they take a middleman cut. The game already takes a middleman cut so any merchant who wants to buy just to resell is getting double taxed. They pass the bill on to the person selling to request basket, making all the basket prices too low.

OP is right that an auction house is incredibly more efficient. I doubt this game will ever have one tho. There really should be no difference btwn price on shop stand and request basket. This is why everyone is forced to set up their own shop, to get the real value of selling goods. This means we need 1000 of the same store all doing the same tricks. And now we have a search problem

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You should also make sure you check what people are buying at shops and go farm/gather that before heading off to sell if you aren’t selling anything at your shop. I’ve quite literally spent a few million buying materials at this point. All of that from request baskets I’ve put out. I have the baskets right at the entrance of my shop and have regular sellers who swing by to sell things I need like saltpetre, milkglands, wildstock eyes, hopper cores, feathers, rock, Oort stone etc…

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It makes sense when you consider that portal travel is completely free. There’s literally no cost to ship your goods offworld for sale in this game. I don’t think thats a problem, but it explains why reality doesn’t match your intuition.

I hear that. I have a couple request baskets for Oort stones and shards in my home on Biitula for very fair prices. But it’s a player portal so no one ever visits. I think I’ve bought like one or two stones through the basket.

I am bored now. You may entertain me.

Grump Store is normally buying metal ore, bars, alloy, compacted, refined, machined of all types. I try to keep request baskets with coin every day.


Yeah I find the grump store to be pretty good compared to other stores


I may pay your shop a visit later tonight. Ive got more copper/iron than i know what to do with lol

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I find it so amusing how lost and frustrated players become in games with no auction house or price repository. Do it the real world way and learn to buy and sell competitively! Trust me, you will pick up a skill that is very useful for saving and making money in the real world.

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It would be nice to see hubs or centers that were trade specific, for example weapons vs brews or forging vs fuel vs building mats.

Though I’m not sure that is possible with current structure, without a community movement or hub manager movement.

Like weapon and tool shops top tier of hubs, brews and foods and augments second tier, and building mats 3rd tier?

Though that may not work because shops sell multiple things and dont specialize.

People, thats a Sandbox Game, Auction House or similar things would go against any Sandbox Sense.

Get used to the Hubs and their connected stores, compare, visit them regulary and you won’t have any problems to sell your stuff.
If you want to run your own shop, chose a good place, create a special look about that people will remember, try to get a good Portalplace at the big Hubs and try to sell things cheaper than others.

If we had a small universe I would agree with you but everything is spread out and even with the portals, you can spend a great deal of time looking for someplace that will buy your goods and do so at a decent price. Personally, I would prefer not to spend limited playtime looking for someplace that might be willing to buy what I have and also have enough coin to actually buy it.

Some form of centralized information system for who has what for sale and who is buying what would certainly help with all of this.

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That is what makes this game’s market interesting, though. Things that are more rare or difficult to get on certain planets will sell higher than on planets where they are more common. This gives opportunity for specialized shops and transportation professions.

We don’t have such in real, if you go into a town, you don’t know at first place, where is selling what, you need to walk around.
The only thing we have is called Internet, to search before going to town.
Same we can do at Boundless.
Also it is up to the big HUB Owner to create a kind of leading system to the shops.
As i said, it is a sandbox game, that means everybody need to think about, how to advertise it’s own shop in the best possible way.
Even if Player start to create a Page called Boundlazon or Boundbay, it still needs you to participate at such pages and advertise your shop there.