Nocturnal predators

Hello everyone! I think it would be so awesome if the wildlife differed in different ways other than looks and attacks. For instance some animals could be more aggressive and active at night or day time. I feel it would also be really cool if animals would sleep. Just imagine a herd of wildstock sleeping in a field. You could go sleep emote next to them or thin the herd with a suprise attack. Also it would be amazing if there was a truly active ecosystem with predators attacking wildstock and predators attacking predators


We need this cuteness :smiley:


It would also be cool to add a cute fluffy animal like a bunny or something that when you got close to it it would puff up like a puffer fish and grow fangs and was one of the most deadly creatures but also the cutest!




I’d ruin it by raining down Iron/Sapphire Bombs on them. :slight_smile:

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they are fully bomb immune… so I heard


I would want to tame the puffunnies.


Yes!!! This would totally tie well together with my other taming sugestion

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would be pretty awesome if we could tame some creatures as mounts

This, tho!

A cow would simply freeze to death in a snow region IRL, so why not bind different mobs to different biomes, too.

There needs to be a strategy about creatures:

  • Creature spawn points (atm they just randomly spawn around you which makes absolutely no ecological sense)
  • Creature hordes: Leader, followups/guards, generics, babies
  • Actual creature based drops
  • Day/Night/Seasons/Weather/Biome behaviour

very old topic here but showing that creatures behavior and such are planned to be different and current state of things is temporary (so all creatures spawning everywhere); there will be creatures in future that inhabit caves and underground (spitters and cuttles spawning there now is a placeholder test) and water creatures are planned as well;
it’s the same with weather - currently all types of weather can happen in all biomes but more biome bound weather is in making (snow in ice areas only etc.)

anyways, here is link to older discussions and ideas around sandbox creatures; you might find it interesting


More like, different animals on different places for different seasons. That would be nice. Like the european birds flying to the south of europe or even africa in winter. Or the gazelles in North america, thriving around in season changes.

Is seasons a thing? Could be even 5 seasons or only 3 or something. Depending on the planet. And every creature behaves different on a different season.