Noms 'n More, Brews 'n Stuff, Original Forgeries sale at New Leyden Market! Diamond 3x3 hammers 9999c! Teaching/persisting pies 399c, etc


It is time again for a sale at Noms 'n More, Brews 'n Stuff and Original Forgeries!

Just like last week the sale will be for a limited time only, probably to around noon (UTC) Monday, if stock goes fast it will stop earlier.

More items might get a green price tag during the sale time, so keep checking back!
Also let me know what items you would like to go on sale!

Happy shopping!

Official New Leyden Market and New Leyden Mega Thread

More items added! Some prices lowered!

I will add more items for sale to Original Forgeries soon!


More items added at Original Forgeries Sale!

Now 3x3 gem shovels for 9999c/10999c, 8999c for ones with a minor defect!

More stock will be added tomorrow, ran out of gem tools, added 4 more workbenches to craft me some more.

New stock has been added!

Also made slight changes in prices.

3x3 +20 dmg tools with
+800 durability 9499c
+1000 durability 9999c
+1200 durability 10499c
+1400/1600 durability 10999c

This to give more incentive to buy the lower dura ones :wink:

Also added some other forged tools that weren’t as succesfull, some have Cross (4999c), many (in the middle of the market stall) have 3x3 but different damage and lower than the T6 1 shot +20, ranging from 4999c to 6999c depending on damage.

Only 18 hours left on the sale so get them quick before they are gone!