Noob question about Meteor groups / loot

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This is probably a fairly noob question, but I am not having luck in searching for the information.

When a group does a Meteor, and cracks it open once all of the mob waves are dealt with, does everyone have their own loot box to get Oord (etc) from?

Or is there only one box, and all the loot ends up going to whomever is close enough to vacuum it up when the box is broken? And if so … how do groups typically deal with the loot?

Everyone gets to break a box open. It’s a win for all! =D Groups that work together to benefit more, easier to defeat, and in my case if you work with friends or family, you can pool all your oort stones together to fuel portals.

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Awesome, I’ve only done solo meteor hunting but I was curious how the loot worked with groups.

Also bring a loot magnet with you on those runs with loads of people. A vacuum is a must for looting dead mobs. If you get close to the meteor with the loot magnet it opens the box inside for you and gives you the stuff, you wouldn’t even need to break any of the meteor blocks at all this way.


That is awesome to hear. Thank you for explaining it!

Also groups like people joining them as the more people there are in a region when it spawns a meteor the higher level it will be, up to tier 6, and thus the more rewards.

And today I learned that I cheated myself out of oort shards…

I was afraid I might have accidentally cheated someone else out of theirs. . . .Or that I might inadvertently do so were I to try to get into some meteor hunt groups.


One of my first solo meteors took me forever to kill all the mobs and just when I was about to break it open someone ran up. I was worried and angry they’d get my loot I worked so hard getting. I don’t know if they got anything since they didn’t do any of the killing, but I got my stuff. Glad to know now I don’t have to worry about it.

Never be afraid to join a meteor hunt. Even if you only pick off a mob here and there, it helps.

I’ve often wondered if some people were afraid, or were trying to “meteor snipe,” because more than a few times I’ve seen people wait just out of aggro range until it’s completed, then they race towards the meteor.

I once took a t3 down solo while someone sat on the side and watched. It was hard and I almost died several times but I did it. Well, almost. The last goat knocked me off a cliff and dove after me. With my last scrap of hp I came out victorious. HOWEVER it counted as me abandoning the meteor and even though I solo’ed it, it didn’t count as a complete for me, but I imagine it did for my observer. =(

So please help if you see someone. That last goat can make a huge difference!


As long as there is someone with meteor life left, the meteor event can be comlpeted and anyone who come by can claim the completed meteor core after, regardless if they participated or not, also if the meteor fails there will be nothing but low loot box for anyone who comes by and collects it.

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Yeah, when a lootable object like a dead monster or meteor box appears in game for you, it appears ONLY for you. So, if you see a lootable object, just loot it, because nobody else can see your object. Nobody else can see or loot your loot from lootables either, so do not be afraid of breaking open those monsters or boxes around other players. Lootables trigger for all players within a certain distance of an event, like the killing of a monster by any means or a completed/abandoned meteor and no actual participation is required.

The meteorite show a number on it while still active like (2/2 players). That means 2 people are active in the meteorite zone.

If your observer was close enough, they would count towards this total and as long as any of you have a meteorite life left, it should be completed for everyone. If they are just too far away (1/1 players) then even if you beat it they just get a dormant lootbox.

Tl/dr if it said meteorite lost everybody loses, sometimes a peeping tom is nice to have as they keep your chances of beating it alive if close enough