Not all text entries save values the same way

Some text entry areas don’t save data the same as others. I notice this with our guild/town name mostly.

In beacons and signs the Æ symbol (alt+146) saves and renders correctly, however guild name does not, it takes the Æ symbol, then does weird stuff to the following character unless it’s a space. I’m guessing this is some kind of encoding overflow causing the issue.

It leads to the guild name having either a ` mark or a space in it no matter what I do to try and fix it so it renders correctly. Is it possible to get support for this character across the board, rather than hit or miss?

A player has used the in-game report to describe the issue, so it has since been added to the bug database. Is it showing as a cube number (i.e. power of 3) for the guild name?

It turns the ‘t’ into a ‘`’ character. If i change the ‘t’ to other letters different results come out when it saves.