Not an exo world but a testoworld

Comes by like a exo world but it’s for ps4 players to have a testserver but when ya warp back home you loose inventory our some other system so they can’t cheat :slightly_smiling_face:


Great idea!

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Oh yeah! :smiley: What if you had to have a separate character (not one you’d have to buy, this would be free) that could only be used on them, maybe something like that would work? Like, you create the character, and it can only go to those worlds from the sanctum, though could travel freely there, unlimited warp augments and all.

This is impossible for the fundamental reason for having a test server. To try to make sure Critical bugs that can cause failures such as corrupted databases, crashed servers, and so on, are isolated from causing problems and downtime for the production servers, and therefore they are tested somewhere else, where they can not cause such damages in the event something horribile happens or is discovered while its being tested.

Testing isn’t just about testing rather or not a game mechanic works or is balanced, but also rather or not the new code is dangerous to the system itself.


i thought planets are servers on it own like the test server so when it would crash all the others just keep running do you got a idea how we could get ps4 on test you seem to know your stuffz

I think @Trundamere is correct in that a “test” planet existing in the live universe could be pretty difficult to manage. As it is now. . The test universe requires a new character be created and that character has to be leveled and skilled separately from the live universe character. The test universe uses its own servers in order to be able to run a different program and allow different rules. The test universe can be brought down and wiped as needed to update for new versions of the software.

Currently the PC players have to choose which version they want to play (test or live) and Steam updates the game to the correct release. If I want to test I have to load the test program and if I want to go back to live I have to let Steam update the program so I can go into live. It is not as simple as just selecting test or live when you are going into the game. I am not sure how you do that within the confines of the PS4. Essentially a PC player is playing a different game. How would you make it so the PS4 players were playing a different game? It is my understanding that every program change for the PS4 has to be run by Sony. If they had to do that for every change as they tweak settings in order to balance the game in test, how much time would that add before something could be released? In the past week I think we have seen 4 or 5 changes to the code for farming. If Sony needs two days for each review then we would have added over a week to the testing so far.

I am not sure within the confines of what Sony will allow that there is ever going to be a way for the PS4 players to have access to a test universe. It is too bad, but I do not think it is good for the game to not have any players test because the PS4 players cannot test.

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yeah i agree we need to have people testing
nothing we can do about it here
sony is bossman :sunglasses:
but i wont stop dreaming the impossible lolz

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DICE had a testing program on PS4 for Battlefield 4. The CTE was a completely application and was always behind where the PC players were in testing due to having to submit changes to Sony just like with the regular game updates.

So it has been possible in the past but I imagine it would be expensive to do and it would divide testing in to two groups anyway. It seems better to me to keep testing how it is for now. Maybe have testing keys for PS4 players that get a PC to run it on.

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They are servers on their own, but they are all connected to the same system and an error in the code can have the potential to effect or cause problems for other servers connected to the same system, so that is why testing is always done in isolation from the main network, large Companys test patches and changes on a test network before putting them on their production network so a mistake won’t bring down everything or cause damage.

and that is only part of the problem,

I don’t know anything about the PS4, but it should be possible yes, just not in the way you propose,

Because the two things have to be kept isolated and both things are running different versions of the code, The only way I see it being done is if Boundless was allowed to release the test client on the PS4 as its own „Game“ or however that would work for the PS4,

why they have not done this, i am going to guess either haves to do with Sony being control freaks or they really don’t like the idea of unstable/untested code being ran on their hardware. or there is some other extra cost to this that I am unaware of that makes it hard to do this.

Then there is the fact that at this time there is no good UI for the cheat menus, and sony for some reason has expressed some extreme dislike for Debug menus in their games. So you would also unfortunately be missing out there at this time as well.