Not Enought Plots

Hi i wanted to ask something

actualy there is a problem with the Level system
cause of that im not able to get any further plots for my building

Is it possible to get some extra Plots from the Devs or is there a posibility
to gain more XP for mining? or do i have to wait till one of the next updates
fixed the problem?

thats what we have built with our own hands

Evry skill stuck since mining got max.


Well this skilltree was just a temporary test one, you should look at the Skill trees megathread if you haven’t already. I imagine that once the skill trees are released in a more complete state or when guild beacons are released, you will be able to build bigger.

We’re actually building a big castle. And We want to finish it NOW. I’m not interested in “maybe in future releases” answers.

Maybe I did ask wrong.

Is there NOW anything known about a fix or something else that let US finish the castle in NEAR future.

I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important for me.
We put so much work in it. This cannot be the end.

And yes, I know that there will be a wipe some day

@vdragon @James @luke-turbulenz

Have you tried leveling other professions? You’ll get additional plots for each level.

Of course we have, but this is a bug and we miss a lot of plots from building.

Out of interest what is your level and how many plots do you have in your inventory?

A screenshot of your inventory and the professions list would be handy to see if there is a difference between how many you have and should have.


As Luke said, try leveling other professions. Unless by capping mining you’re not able to get experience in the others? Is that the bug? Capping mining doesn’t seem like a bug…

Additionally you could request some beacons from the community where people could donate beacons and make you able to build in them.

You should get about 90 plots unlocked when you complete a profession. If you max out all of them then you should have well over 400 plots.

That’s what I was thinking. This seems more like a lack of desire to level up things other than mining rather than a bug.

It does feel wrong that the builder doesn’t have a way to get more plots than other professions. Something for us to consider, but this version is still a placeholder really.

You misunderstood.
This is a bug!

The builder progression have stopped at level 8, i do not get any more xp for building, not for the last 2 weeks, and i do not think level 8 is max level for building.

It looks like when i got to maxlevel in mining, it turned of leveling in both mining and building.

A screenshot should not say anything, building progression have stopped at level 8, and i got my plots so far.

I get angry when i try to report a bug, and told i am lazy.

Just to clarify if anyone is having this issue can you respond to the following questions:

  • Is your miner or any other profession level 50?
  • Can you gain experience points in other professions?
  • How many plots do you have?

It looks like a bug if you hit max level in one of your professions you are unable to gain anymore XP in any other role. We just need to confirm is this is actually the case.

Edit: Looks like it is only builders who are affected when the miner reaches 50.

  1. Yes, miner.
  2. Yes (except builder).
  3. Total ca. 115.

Apologies. I think this was an issue with how the post was interpreted and people have jumped to assumptions. As they say, you know what they about those who assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

Thank you. We’ll try to verify this on our end. But this will require a fix and a new build. Unfortunately not something that’s a quick fix. :frowning:

You’re the first person to even mention the word “lazy” here.

A word of advice from someone who actually tests software for a living: include as much detail as possible in your bug reports. Screenshots and full, detailed, and exceptionally clear reports of exactly what happened and the steps needed to reproduce it can only help developers track down the pesky bug.


Yeah as @Clexarews said more infor is better, also always a good idea to clearly mark somehting as a bug when you report it. Maybe we should just make a sub-category (@james or whoever is comunity administrator) That would allow to add a topic header template with what information you would want people to add too.

I tried everything. But the only skill that gain xp is attacker cause it’s the only skill that doesn’t reach lvl 8. Evry other skill is stuck at lvl 8 since I reached mining lvl 50.

Mining still get xp for destroying blocks
But can’t get higher than 50.

No other skill get xp. Except attacker.
And it will stop at lvl 8

Both me and @oTBonEo have write about this bug the last 2 weeks, also in bug-thread, so it should not be any news.