Not Happy With Game Mechanics

For over two months I have beeb striving to move up the world ranks on Beckon. I managed to reach level 29 and then everything went down hill. I changed the guild name and it dropped me to rank 59 and split all my beacons prestige. I have 6 characters that are part of my village. I ended up spending my own money so I could buy more plots and resolve the issue. This morning, after claiming all 588 plots on one character, my work rank is lower than 150. This is becoming a pain and if it can’t be fixed then I would like my money back so I can go play a different game. That’s great everyone wants to work on sovereign worlds but why is this the focus when there are still so many glitches on the current world’s?

Did you check if all the beacons were still aligned to the guild?

Seems like they aren’t.

And you lost more prestige after adding plots? Is there a compactness warning some where?

To be honest I’ve messed around a lot with my own settlement, haven’t encountered any bugs in that department lately.

Where on beckon are you? Perhaps I or someone else can take a look to see what’s going on.

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I’ve played this game for years. I’ve never had this issue. Either way its too late now. I’ve already reclaimed and moved

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