Not sure if its a bug but... (chat-GC)

My GC color has changed and chat msg from August till now started popping back up in the chat window (notifications and PM’s).

Im on PS4 (to add once again :wink:).
And earlier today (About 8-12 hours back) the logo was still red. I had no msg or notification in chat all day (#all) and it just popped up as i was moving things in the machines.

Is there possibly a link or something between GC and chat somewhere or was it just a fluke. Don’t know but just placing it out here :wink:.

(This is about the old messages popping up again not GC thats an error on my part apparently didn’t extend GC little bit worried now as I don’t know what the F* i did extend… :thinking:. :wink:)

I don’t think the notifications have anything to do with Gleam Club. Was that the first time you noticed it, or did it happen before?

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No first time i saw it as ive been GC (red) almost since I started playing 2y back :wink:. Just figured since I didn’t get any notifications and was stil “red” all the time before and som hours later i see im “green” and for some strange reason notifications and pm’s from start August till now just started re popping up.

Again not game breaking and certainly not a big deal but as it kind of happened “at the same time” (if that makes sense) I figured it might be best to post in on the forum.
Letting you guys know that it “looked like” this happened.

Again just to inform you guys basically. Im perfectly ok if this post just ends up in “the library and never sees daylight again”.

Figured make it a support post to “get the attention” and after, if its “bs” im perfectly fine if the post is removed from the forum.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll add this the bug database.

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