Nova Golda and TNT collaboration: Nova Golda Farm Hubs + TNT T5+ Portal Network! (aka NG portal network reborn/reworked)

Yes, that’s right. The Nova Golda Portal Network has changed, a lot!

There are so many T5+ portal networks lately and the oort costs are absurdly high, so much so that I was unable to add more farm/mine spots to the portal gates AND somehow I kept selling goods in my shops but I seem to be stuck at around the same amount mostly due to oort costs.

Then an idea arose… And last week we finally decided to do it!

I’m proud to announce the collaboration of Nova Golda with the TNT T5+ Portal Network!

All NG Portal Gates have been changed and turned into…

Nova Golda Farm Hubs!

Yes, that’s right, all your (and mine) favourite farms and mines of the Nova Golda Network are still available!

How does this work?

Well at Nova Golda there used to be a big portal to our Serpensarindi gate and in the basements we had farm/mine portals. Now that big portal is still there but looks like this:

And it goes straight to TNT’s T5+ Network’s Serpensarindi portal gate!

This is how it looks on the other side:

All the TNT gates now have a 2x2 portal straight to the Nova Golda Farm/Mine Hub of that same planet:

The Serp one is a little hidden:

But at ALL the other gates they are on your right hand side if you come thru the gates (well, on left if you go backwards of course!)!

Like so:

When you walk thru one of those Farm Hub portals it will look like this:

They all have the same layout. Farm/mine portals right in front of you and to the left.
To the right there is a door to outside and stairs to the basement. In the basements there’s room for more portals but also for personal portals.

As you can see @fidach has of course one at the Alcyon Hub!

This is how they look from the outside:

And of course the ones from Bob’s Farms are still all there too:

All the buildings are more or less done. Some the outside and/or roof still look like the old portal gate, some need a stair added to the basement and for some the basements aren’t converted to the new look yet. But they are fully functional now and I just didn’t want to wait any longer (yes, yes, I wanted to save on oort!)

One thing tho, TNT is still quite busy building the Besevrona and Flan gates so currently the Nova Golda Farm Hubs for those can be reached thru Serp (for Bese) and Alnitans (for Flan). Once they finish them the portals will change to the TNT ones!

Well, this is it for now. Since this will save me quite a bit of oort on a daily basis I will be adding more farm and mine spots soon!

Many thanks to TNT for the collaboration and especially @uni3k for setting up all the portals!

Happy farming/mining!!!

Apparently some people thought that all the portals at Nova Golda closed down, well that is of course absolutely not the case! This was just about the portal network itself, all the normal and favourite portals are still there!


Collaboration of two of my favorite places, TNT and Nova Golda, nice! :slight_smile: My TNT portal is incredibly well worth the shards, and now it is even more useful!


Extend out my precious, extend mwhahaha ^^ :smile: have to agree well worth the oort

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Ohhhh, I had completely forgotten one important little tidbit about the new Nova Golda Farm Hubs!!!

When you come in, across from you, the left most portal is labelled ‘Exo’:

When you go thru it:

Yep, that’s right, it’s a platform at altitude 201 and is above the hubs, it’s for catching those pesky little exo’s! I got fed up going to my hubs and then trying to find high ground to spot them with my totem with warp augment.

Currently I only finished the one on Alnitans, more are being build already, but wanted the hubs functional ASAP.



These will be VERY useful! :slight_smile: Yeah, when going to exos, I usually will grapple to a high spot to be able to see them better.

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I will soon (this week, most likely) be adding a few farming locations to the Kol Huroo gate.

It’ll be mostly one of the better Diamond locations on Kol and probably a Silver location, as well as a location for the Silk Orange trunks that are unique to Kol Huroo.

Edit: Oh, and I’ll be buying local rock at the mining locations. :wink:


I thought I would open the Kol Huroo Diamond spot today. :gem: :stuck_out_tongue:

I will finish tidying it up later, but it’s open now.

Edit: Also please bear in mind that I don’t have a ton of coin, but I will try to refill the baskets when and as possible.


I always found Kol a good source for gold as well, do you have a heat map for that as well ?

I’ll have a look and see if I can try to find a decent region for it, though Alcyon would likely be where I’d go for Gold, personally. :thinking:

I have a decent gold spot on kol. Was just curious if your diamond mine area had a decent amount of gold as well. I use a lot of gold lol.

Just for you, this is for Gold ore in the same area. :slight_smile:

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Nice, thanks!

I’ll also be looking at adding some more mining/farming spots from the Alcyon gate, to go along with the existing ones!


And I just added a new diamond mine to Maluarialakrib and a gleam one to Kol Huroo!

Ahh, the no pressure of the oorts!


I’m mining for stone today, so if anyone wants some free ore, check out the West exit of the Kol Huroo diamond mine.

To reach the location, go through the TNT network up until Kol Huroo, then take the Nova Golda farm hub portal, and then take the Diamond portal. :slight_smile:

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Also recently added a diamond mine to Serpensarindi!