November project!/Inari /Massive Japanese style temple/house/whatever


Hi guys ill be adding progress of this project here
To get you guys some perspective i have 8x8 plot area for this +garden area


Base almost done :slight_smile:


Heres some teaser from above how the place would look like when its finished


Stairs added. Also some framework going up.


That looks awesome, looking forward to seeing it built! :smiley:


Lol same. Hahaha.


Also looking forward to seeing it finished. I love the style of architecture (hence why I spent weeks creating a replica of Matsumoto Castle on Tana VII).


Long way to go :slight_smile: but this project really have put me on boubdless mood. Hopefully i get it finished before December


Project has now a name!


I went to see your castle raven, it was wonderful.

I love this style as well, I’m looking forward to your progress Buugi.


Thank you. I am quite proud of it. :blush:


Roofs up. Also decided this is my max hight for the build have some cool ideas for second floor ^^


added some love towards the game ! :slight_smile:



Now that farming is confirmed im happy to say i finded some use for my large base of the temple.
Its going to be farm . I have some ideas how to implement it in there . Everything is just guessing cause we dont have any info on farming so i might be running into a wall or just go big ^^


You have a wonderful location, I’m envious of all the water. Your build looks amazing!


Looks nice Buugi it’s not that for from my village Aztex. I been walking past it everyday since you started building.


Hah ye i know aztex. Think semtex is part of it?


I start working on section where i gather different color surface resources.

Here’s some screenshot what ive gathered so far


He did start Aztex but he has moved to Biitula now I look after the place