Now restocked. Gleampops and Jelly 489ea. Ghandys trading temple Arie

Ghandys trading temple on Arie, very close to RTG hub has now got 2500 of each gleambow good food with many more being made. Easily accessible by TNT arie portal or ULT hub (plus others).

550ea, get them while they last

In addition some AOE GB totems all with auto loot also added for sale at 7k ea.

Lower duraability(-400) 5k ea

+dura + speed variant 8750


Selling fast. Much faster than expected lol.

Juice is sold out

1580 more gleampops added
1587 jelly left
1 speed totem
8 low price dura defect totems

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Prices reduced to 475

you still buy sacs ?

Not at the moment I have 2800 to use

++ speed totems added
Have critical defect but has zero impact as the totems 1 shot the meteors anyway

5k budget range now has:
+4 energy drain (no real impact either)

ALL Totems have AOE and loot stick

Gleampops restocked and jelly still available. Last batch of sacs now used so when they are gone they are gone!

Good news!!!

I have managed to collect more sacs and made over 1600 extra gleampops. All available now in stands in addition to totem augments

despite recent “technical issues” I have been able to sort enough out to be in a position to buy more sacs. 1700ea via baskets. Access via TNT & RTG hub.

No food currently available due to the above issues

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food has finally been restocked along with gleambow augments. 1500 of each food in stock!

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