Now that's what I call damage

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Not bad for my first proper Forge since coming back. I got a little unlucky there at the end and ran out of juice just shy of perfect, but this’ll do :slight_smile:


Nice! And welcome back :smiley:

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Amen! …


Lol mints for 500c but took 80k worth of mats to make. Gotta love that some times

Lol realtalk

Well done.
Now we Need upgraded fist weapons!


How? I need to learn how to do this. Please show me :sob:

You have to put together a deck that can increase both vigour and stability. I haven’t used it yet, but that’s mostly because of the cost. Like he said, 80k in mats :exploding_head:

Costs a 100k to acquire mats and make. Mints for 500c.

I imagine this bow with a crit pie and lvl5 brew. Superb.

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I know about the 10 10 technique etc. but to get zero quirks/defects while getting all boons near perfect? How tf? :joy:

Also, I didn’t know coal, fuels and metals was your store?! I spend far too much there :joy:

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You can’t get quirks or defects using pure boon

Exactly. You can get to nearly 100% crit chance with the right stats and critical pie, which should make it hit like an absolute dumptruck haha :smile:

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Awesome job. I wish I knew the technique for forging that high. Only problem is that will shoot so slow. If it was action speed and faster straighter projectile it would be the bomb.

Can’t have everything in a single weapon I’m afraid!

Personally I don’t like action speed on a slingbow - the problem is you get to shooting fast and you waste shots/durability. Besides you can get a ton of bonus action speed via stats

That said… I would like to make a damage, lighter, long range version as a sniper :slight_smile:

There’s that augment that adds range you can add to it too. So you could have the augment, the crit pie, the strength brew, and someone bomb buffing you and you can be a rift shooting powerhouse.

Out of curiosity, how much do you think this actually cost you to make?

Unless he has a different way of forging those than I do it legitimately take 75-100k in mats to do.

Yeah, that’s what Im curious about. I can get really good stats at about a 1/3 of that price, but not quite perfect stats. I’m trying to get a range of how others deal with forging and the price they spend on it.

Also, @Aridhol how many rounds did it take you to get that?