NPC's Peoples thoughts

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I am writing this post to see what peoples thoughts are on Player-made NPCs and if we should have them in-game to make the cities and towns feel more lived in
This here is a post I made shortly after I joined the forums that has my ideas and other peoples ideas for NPCs.

so what are peoples thoughts on this?

also feel free to suggest how you would like NPCs to function, how you make them and what they can do.

I guess at a certain point of prestige you can have a couple of NPCs running around not doing anything. Maybe if you wave they wave back too.

I don’t like npcs, I like how you run into real people out and about. My 2 pennies on the subject. Take it or leave it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not usually (or even strongly in this case) against NPCs, but in this game, they’ve really emphasized the fact that every single character you encounter is a real person. and I kinda like that.

on that note, maybe if they didn’t look like players but maybe a pet or a child, or something else entirely…
I think it would be cool once they add farming and pets into the game if you could interact with the pets… i dunno. might be weird tho, they can’t talk or trade or anything :stuck_out_tongue:
just farming and pets :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would like to create some sort of small golem or oortian robot that roams around within a set range or perimeter of an area that can attack any creatures that come into the area. I think it would be really cool. They could shoot a slingbow or throw a bomb or stab with a lance. The crafting of the “guard” would be randomized, not forge modded, and relative to how strong it is based on the tier of materials you craft it out of. Stone being the weakest, Blink/Dark Matter/Rift being the strongest. They can only be placed in beaconed areas and only venture away from a beaconed area for a certain range before retreating back to it. This way they aren’t just wondering around and killing themselves for no reason.

Just an idea. Plus I hugely miss using Thaumcraft Golems from Feed the Beast Minecraft servers. Those things were so cool. It would like having a personal body guard with me at all times and security force at home. :smiley:


I like the idea of guard golems/robots and/or pets. No Oortian NPCs please. I think all Oortians should be players.


I think that both on the compass and when you see them there should be considerable difference. Like a small blue icon up top and a robot pet :man_shrugging:

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I knew we’ve been there before, discussing NPCs of all sort.
I checked and I realized, @MrGamer117, that you are revisiting your own topic from last year. I went through it again to remember what people said back then.
I also discovered that oldest topics on NPCs go back to 2015, times of Oort Online. :open_mouth:


That really tells you people want them then… lol

I remember those threads too.

glad you noticed, I mostly was just curious of peoples attitude to this, to see peoples opinions.

Yeah there are a lot of new people around that haven’t had a chance to speak before.

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Give me these little guys! They don’t need to provide anything to the players, just interact with the environment a bit. Worker Wildings could walk around with spanners and interact (not craft, just a “working” animation) with various crafting machines, gardening wildings could be like little garden gnomes, mining wildings could hammer on exposed stone outcroppings, etc.


I think what it is is that people are getting lonely when no one is on the planet. Like Vena for instance. It’s really lonely, but if there were a couple little things running around there would be a sense of cooperation.

You could also make a setting to turn them off if they bug you.

We will see how many players enter the universe after 1.0. Maybe there will be no loneliness anymore.


I have no great feeling about NPC’s I wouldnt fight hard to stop them…

But I would rather not have them as they don’t serve much of a purpose.
Perhaps some sort of guard npc that will kill spitters and hostile mobs would be okay.
But I would prefer it to not be an Oortian…


Vote for turn sanctuaryman to a protector! :heavy_check_mark:️

this will ALWAYS have mixed opinions (until its done… then the haters and a lot of people will sop playing i bet)

I for one like it… here is my personal thoughts…

NPCs as someone said should only be aloowed when a certain prestyeige has been passed… and they (the NPCs) should be the quest holders/contract givers from the player who owns it/them - meaning…

There was something floating around about the idea of PLAYERS being able to give personal quests/contracts hey other player… go mine me 1k soft coal… kill 30 spitters and build me XYZ and i will give you 20k coins… 2.5k xp and XYZ well… why not have it that when at a specific requierment, this is all auto wih the NPC (YOU cant be one all the time to give 100s of people a day the same quest… so hy not say Hey NPC guy… give 50 of THESE quests daily and 50 of THOSE quests daily to any who interact with you?

and/or some kind of BUILDABLE golem/robot/mechanoid/whatever which takes a lot of resources to build (and fuel) who will be an Protector and or quest giver NPC for the person/community who builds it


I wouldn’t mind having robot guards as people have mentioned. That and maybe some kind of shopkeeper? Like you stock them and they add more variety to your shops but only one per beacon or something? I do enjoy the fact that all Oortians are humans though so not sure what to do about the shopkeeper idea. Maybe some quest givers as other have mentioned as well but again, I do want people to also be encouraged to start a new town and go up against the top prestige places so… I dunno :3

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Just cause I said oortian robot doesn’t mean it would look like a player. It would look like a robot of a player race at the extreme most. You know, like you’d see gears and robot circuits, etc. You’d know it’s a robot.

Not sure if I’d want a shop NPC. I’d like to track and know how good a particular item is selling through so I know whether or not to continue selling that item. Perhaps if it could collect coin, stick it in a banking request basket, and restock shop stands from storage containers, then I might have 1 or 2 of them. Might actually cut down on time in tracking stuff. Not sure.

I would like better shop stand options so shop owners can actually have sales and deals going on other than adjusting prices.


Not too sure on the idea of NPCs … I like the fact that everyone you meet is real …but …perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad if they looked obviously none Oortian (robots etc) and maybe used for some sort of message/mailbox/contract system