Odd rubberbanding on Exo Alpha

I am getting odd rubberbanding / movement without input on Exo Alpha. I frequently have conenction issues, but this does not appear to be that and I am not gettting any unplayable connection warnings.

At first I thought it might be lag from someone regen farming gleam nearby but there was noone even close to me so I am really unsure what this is. I submitted a game log a moment ago before I closed the game.

Edit: to add, all the movement captured in the video was uncommanded / without input from me. I had no issues on normal planets prior to getting to Exo Alpha.

Reminds me of the first exo

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I remember having oddness on super crowded Lucent exos with tons of people mining around… but here I was alone in the area I was in, so not sure.

Cassidy and me have the same.
Also no warning.
And my client crashed, when i wanted to go to the Sanctum.
After relogging it was short okay and started again.
Maybe some issues with Regenbombs and renew the area?

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If black gleam drops in these v formations we can just forget it lol

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Good to know its not just me.

Edit: I have had issues before when near “constant” regen bombers, but never when I was alone in an area like this. But maybe so much regen going on its slowing down* the entire planet.

Too many people leaving rock on ground?. I have none around me yet I’m stuck on a loop

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Just got that.
My connection indicators all fine - no red flags at all, no spikes no unplayable messages. But can’t do anything as my avatar keeps dancing and floating around etc. By the look of it, it’s more like computer performance lag than connection problem.

I just threw down a 1/3 inventory of rock and lagged out so bad I couldn’t do anything till it disappeared. Won’t do that again. This has never happened like this before

Too many people regen farming gleam all around the exo maybe?

Probably my guess people are probably throwing away rock. The regen unlikely has anything to do with it. I lagged out doing nothing until the rock disappeared. It was only 10 stacks of rock too

reminds me of the time I accidentally broke a full chest

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Yep exactly

I actually died to this rubberbanding - i went to sanctum and came back out and then died in lava which was quite a few steps forward yet i came through the portal and left my controlller to see how it responded - Fair to say i’m not happy with the defeat penalty

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Happened to me also. No indicators that I had a bad connection. Just really bad rubberbanding. I just had to leave.