Offensive sign in shop

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I was just hopping through random portals, because I like to see what people build. Behind one was this shop, and there were food stands, and this sign.

I find it very, very offensive. This is not a topic for jokes, for some people like me it’s a serious problem.

So please stop. I wanna make it clear: I’M AN ADULT NOT A KID, and as an adult I deserve those yummies too!!! :cry:

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Not sure if sarcasm, but you can report a sign in game.

Edit: I now see the “joke” tag. Derp


Really not sure? Jesus, what does it take for people to be sure? :frowning:

Edit: You edited so… :sunny:


I was desperately hoping someone had made a blonde tubby boy statue like the kid in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and it was the first thing you saw when you ported in

That’s awesome!

That would be so cool :smiley:

I’m sorry! Can’t tell if people are joking anymore! I must be losing my sense of humor with age!

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I can’t really blame you :frowning: in the age of so called political correctness and so called justice warriors one has to be constantly on guard. I sometimes think it’s worse than censorship under some regimes we had in the world :frowning: