Offering help to new players

I’ve been playing Boundless for quite some time now and I’ve noticed a lack of new players sticking around.

After speaking to a couple it seems the grind for coins / tools ect seems to be putting some off and because of this I’d love to offer some help.

I’m set up on Stardew on Cephonix, but I’ve always tried to help people on other places too (lately on Trior).

I tend to collect a lot of materials / blocks / crafting things and I’d like to offer help to any new players looking to stick around ! I have lots of spare machines, metal tools ect, and I am happy to help teach as well ! Be it hunting, crafting or anything else!

My first language is French, but I also speak English and some German/Spanish if you are unsure of things, so please feel free to use whatever is most comfortable!

I love to be able to help and whilst it can be tough getting started into already established places, and markets, (especially if you’re in a small place that doesn’t get footfall easy for coin to grind up) Boundless is a great relaxing game and it’s all the more fun when you get used to it!

There are also some really great youtubers like Ovis who can help with getting started as they have some really good tutorials, but some are out of date with updates that have come out since and people coming and going changing the market.

Just let me know if you need help with anything, or feel free to pop by Stardew on Ceph! We have connection portals although our main connection to TNT and Iconic is currently down until my hunt buddy comes back from Hiatus!

For some of you oldies, I used to run Redwood, and co-run New Metro with my other half, so you may remember the help boxes we used to have for folks there, we don’t have the boxes at the moment, but we DO have a message box in the town for people to ping requests over!

Please note I’m not referring to 'giving a million coin" I’m referring to giving help, answering questions and if you want some stuff to start with - like metal tools, helping with that too.


If somebody gave me 1 million when I started or a lot of items, I wouldn’t be here anymore. I am not sure people would stick around if they skip the “work” and get the benefits directly.
Guides, advice, beginner hunts - that’s what is needed. Farm School. Forge School.

ps. I still remember the frustration of not finding what “AoE” means - googling found “Age of Empires” while searching the forums just found a lot of “AoE” without any explanation. It took time to find out it means “Area of Effect”. Moreover, people should know that, hey, you can break 9 blocks at once with “AoE”.

ps. A guide explaining how to make coin would also help. For example, farm Kindling instead of Earthyams, mine Diamonds instead of Copper; don’t try to get rich with rock salt and tallow etc.

ps. Tell new players to gather beans and catch road-runners because when you’re new, the amount of drops is overwhelming. New players could also work on making and selling glass. We, experienced players should buy it from them.



Same. Take away the feeling of achievement in a sandbox game and you’re pretty much left with nothing.

This is also why i’m mostly against giving away free tools and stuff. Most I’ll give are one sets of forged titanium so they don’t take a month to find out there’s AoE tools ingame, and want to be able to buy those tools again once they break. Or lootsticks and grapples when hunting, since you NEED them and it can be hard to get at start.

What I do give is advice on what to do, like participating in hunts, making and selling glass, mining gems, farming orbs or gathering beans/leaves.

Especially the glass method, gems and hunts, they’re great for getting exp as well as earning money, and covers multiple builds (glass>gatherer and crafter, gem mining>miners, hunts>hunters) so they can do whichever that fits their character build if they don’t want to make multiple alts.


While I agree with the reply, I don’t think this is a good example. This is the problem of gaming community as a whole (knowledge being inaccessible due to shared jargons) and isn’t limited to Boundless. The game itself refers to it as “Affect Adjacent”, which is very straight forward.
Also technically, all 5 tiers of the boon are AoE, so it’s not necessary 9 blocks, it’s just 9 block one is the most desired one and forging is typically “best or bust”
*Also, I actually googled AoE. While first result is indeed age of empires, it’s followed by a “people also ask” list which contains the real answer/definition

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When I see new players and get the chance, I give them 1 of each of the three tool in titanium and a cheap AoE hammer. I always ask if they want stuff first, since I get not wanting to be boosted.

The three titanium tools makes it easier to jump to higher tier planets when they get to that point, and the AoE hammer shows them that AoE tools exist. These were the most game-changing pieces of knowledge for me, and while it is a jump in their progression, I think it’s a minor bump forward.