Official emoji submission thread

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Submit emoji in here and we’ll consider adding them :thumbsup: They need to meet these requirments:

  • 256x256 size minimum
  • PNG format
  • Transparent background
  • Easily recognisable when scaled to 16x16

Added 22/05/15
:oort: oort
:shard: shard

Added 21/05/15
:doug: doug
:nydrool: nydrool
:nyhappy: nyhappy
:nyokay: nyokay
:nysad: nysad
:nysurprise: nusurprise
:chester: chester

Added 19/05/15
:lester: lester


Summon the portal to @DarkRepulsor, @Bokke, @CaptJack92a, @Hiyosup, and @Nyuudles!

Penmasters unite!


/me pops out of a portal. “Sup?”

OH … OOHHH!!! Can some of them be animated!? PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!


Already got something in the pipeline. :wink:



(added in size comparison)






:)… yep back to the drawing board


I named him Gonzo. Still needs a little tweaking probably.


It’s already perfect as is :smiley:


@ben Can you confirm the smallest size? I thought it was 20px, not 16.

Also, echoing @CaptJack92a, can they be animated?!


Omg so much cuteness!!!


Well THAT is what I would call a Honkibonki. So, so, so sweet. Great job Man!


Added new emoji!

:doug: doug
:nydrool: nydrool
:nyhappy: nyhappy
:nyokay: nyokay
:nysad: nysad
:nysurprise: nysurprise
:chester: chester

I’ve tried to group them so that when you type “:ny…” you see Nyuddles’ emoji.





Maybe we could leave instead of :heart: on posts?


ooooo this looks fun! how do you make one? is there a particular program to use? :smile:


Added 22/05/15
:oort: oort
:shard: shard


Y :oort:u kn :oort:w I will allways use the :oort: :oort:rt symb :oort:l for :oort:'s n :oort:w, right? Thats why y :oort:u did add them.


why is there so much space between the symbol and the letter to the left of it?


That’s just how Discourse spaces them out I think.


EDIT: I made some adjustments in the scaling that may have fixed it nw. Will have to wait for an update and see.


I d :oort:nt think it w :oort:rks f :oort:r me th :oort:. The thing is that I have t :oort: have :oort:ne space between the :oort: :oort:rt Symb :oort:ls, :oort:therwise it w :oort:n’t sh :oort:w the Ic :oort:n.

I type “:oort:” f :oort:r the Ic :oort:n, and it seem’s bigger then y :oort:ur’s h :oort:w d :oort: y :oort:u d :oort: that, @Tercel?