Official ps5 non compatible list: boundless isn’t on it!


Thats good but If i have read this correctly you have to pay again for the Game , Not full price but who knows how much the discount is…

No you should be able to carry over all your PS4 games to ps5

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Only ones you might have to pay again for are the ps5 versions. Not the backwards compatible versions of the game. And also the upgrade to the ps5 version of a game is up to the developers if they want to charge


You haven’t read that correctly!

Only in the case of a PS5 upgrade a developer could ask for a bit of money for the upgrade, some do, some don’t. Plus it’s not full price either in all known cases.

And good thing I managed to sell off some of my old game stuff to the shop I did a preorder at in April! So it’s 100% paid for now! I’m not in their first batch but in the 2nd, should have it late November or early December!

Still better than not at all!


OK thx for the answer s better i Go to bed now ITS already late Here and when it is Not your first language mistakes Happen or misunderstanding… See you tomorrow…