Official Video Clip Submission Thread

Action! with the exclamation point.

Alright, thanks! Great video btw.

Thanks O w O <3

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@ben What about head bob? On/Off? Does it matter?

Head bob off is probably better :slight_smile:

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Thought so, but had to make sure.

I have an idea for what could be a few parts,

have the artist do a quick sketch/draw
( quick-draw as in something like this: )
( maybe before the scene, there are already a few concept sketches and a skeleton of the current model )
( maybe it’s just a small clip of all the different concept art, while artist is making another one )
( maybe the artist is almost done or tweeking the concept art in the scene )

have a quick build, building something big like the capitals,
( maybe many peeps working at it in one time, have it all planned )
( maybe one peep making it really fast, fast without the video edit, and then speed the video )

you could have some action,
have a meeting of many players ( if I could pull that off with my guild, then I would probably use that )

Hello everyone!
I made video about my building on Cshrime.
Have a pleasant viewing =)

enter link description here


Really cool @hranica - particularly like the fragmented gleam pyramid shards.

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