Official Video Clip Submission Thread

Video team, mobilise! :person_with_pouting_face: :video_camera: :no_good:

We’re going to be gathering player submitted video clips for the updated Oort Online official trailer. Your videos and creations could be seen by millions of potential players! Got 5 seconds of cool footage? Submit it! Got an hour of clips? Submit them! If you’d like your video clips to be considered for the trailer, please post YouTube links to them to this thread using this format:

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution @ 30fps (minimum)
  • YouTube or Vimeo uploads (don’t upload them to this forum!)
  • Don’t overlay any logos or watermarks
  • Don’t adjust the video in Final Cut, After Effects, whatever
  • Make sure you record the game audio
  • Hide all of the UI by pressing “.” until the screen is clear
  • Don’t include your own music or we can’t use it
  • Try and keep camera movement as smooth as possible. We do this by using an Xbox controller (you can control movement more smoothly using sticks)
  • Turn on all effects in the options (you only need to do this temporarily to take screens if you have a lower performance machine)
  • Turn up draw distance and terrain detail and wait for the world to properly load in
  • Video can include multiple shots, and be as long or as short as you like. Best to keep the main content of individual shots snappy so we can easily slot them into the trailer (5 - 30 seconds).
  • If you want reference, imagine your shots being included in this video wherever there is gameplay footage

Thanks for your help!


What about Creative Commons Music youre allowed to use for commercial Purpose? And what about Speedbuilds? The next Oort Video would be either an Worldbuilder Tutorial/Video or an new Guild House Speedbuild ^^

I only use CC Music for my channel because I dont want to get a strike and the CC music mostly sounds amazing too ^^

The problem is they won’t be able to edit it together. If you add music, it will cut in and out when they cut to and from your clips with other people’s.

If its like that, an Speedbuild would not fit in anyway, does it?

If you submit a speed build, they can still use it. So long as you don’t add anything like music or any special editing. Which is why @ben said no after effects or premier. Which is a real put down for me… Those were my best classes in college…

Well you know, you dont hear ■■■■ in an speedbuild, thats why you use music. You cant do an good Speedbuild Video without Music ^^

Well yes, but adding music before giving it to them would still make it harder to use for what they are planning.

Actually it would not make any diffrence ^^
If you make an speedbuild you have to turn off the sound of the Video anyway. So if they use my YouTube Video, they can just turn off the Sound, as I would do, even without Music. Thats not an big deal at all.

We’re asking you don’t include your own audio because we’re going cut them into a larger video of lots of other clips, along with our voiceover, shots of the studio, team, etc. We’ll have our own audio track and music for the whole thing. If you include music we won’t be able to use your clips because we want the game sounds, but not the music and we won’t be able to cut it out.

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To clarify: we’re not looking for fan trailers (you’re welcome to make them though). We’re looking for footage to use in our trailer.

We can’t include AfterEffects enhanced gameplay. It would be deceiving to the consumer if they saw cool stuff in the trailer that’s not in game.

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Yeah, I know. I was just mentioning it in a relevant manner.

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Okay in that case, what about Speedbuilds then? because you can put parts of them in for some seconds without saound, as said the sound would be turned off anyway. And if you put you music above it then that wouldnt make any diffrence ^^

If you can’t use Speedbuilds then I can’t contribute anything for that Video :smiley:

You can include speed builds (I’d prefer them with the audio, there’s ways to make it sound okay). If you include music I’ll have to mute it. The easier you make if for me, the more likely I am to include it :wink: If it doesn’t follow the criteria it’s unlikely we’ll use it, we need it to look as awesome as possible :smile:

How much time have to work?

At least 2 weeks :slight_smile:

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Is this okay?


Hey, can I ask you what you used to capture that`?