Offline mode for sovereigns and creatives and trade update to knowledge tab

This game would benefit greatly from both an ‘offline’ mode for sovereigns and creatives with a re-sync of ‘world status’ on relog to back online as well as an update to the knowledge tab to include buy/sell listing per item price at top 10 listings for all unlocked worlds. So much time is lost when servers are experiencing issues, time we are paying for in the case of sovereigns and creatives or gleam club and cannot recover. It cant be helping server stability either to be portal hopping just to find an item at a fair price. There was a 3rd party app achieveing this function for awhile at least so it is possible to patch that feature in somehow with proper regard to gameplay i’d imagine. Both of these would vastly improve on things and offer better incentive to actively play.

The sovereign and creative worlds run on cloud servers at amazon web services datacenters.

There’s actually no way you could do this (offline mode) :frowning:


Its called uploading or downloading for a reason. Wherever they run currently is irrelevant if the ability to download your world to run (even temporarily) on your device is provided. Uploading it again to reflect any changes to the world would be required as well. Its not a new concept and has been or still is in use for many applications. If they are currently on amazon and that company cannot facilitate it then moving the server data to run elsewhere would be required. Certainly should be enough cash flow with the world generations to solve the stability issues in one fashion or another. Players unfortunately need to step up also to help resolve stability too, jamming too many portals in tight places is very irresponsible as we’ve seen.

I think there are three main things holding back a feature like this

  • The world files are about 1-2 gigs for a small world. This would take quite a bit of time to upload and download for most users.
  • Even the non-MMO private server option is going to require private servers to be online for DRM reasons.
  • World files are hackable. If you are allowed to download and manipulate a world file, you could easily just drop in 100,000 gleam chests full of Oort Amalgam and ruin the entire MMO for everyone.

This sounds like a cool suggestion though, and hopefully they take your concerns and suggestions to heart and consider it, or at least it’s essence, for future updates.


Also there is no world server or the like, or AFAIK any intent to develop one, for the PS4.

It would then have to run the world, and the client. I don’t think it can. TBF I don’t think the PC i have right now could, either.

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I was going to say the op’s response was a little passive aggressive, but we’ll tbh its plain old rude…and aggressive.

I would add some useful input of my own but honestly, after the reply I’m not going to even bother.

Gl with help and guidance

This happens to any and all online games, It is to be expected that servers will have problems from time to time.

The amount of abuse that can be done with this is pretty extreme. Futhermore if the servers are having problems, then odds are you won’t be very successful in downloading anything from that server.


Rude no, passive aggressive sarcasm to avoid being directly rude to what seemed to be a negative topic derail without thinking it through or offering any constructive reasons yes. No offense is or was intended, this is just a suggestion forum. Definitely agree that there could be severe abuse if the process isnt protected somehow, certainly seen enough hacks or mods over the years in games that offer something similar. Not sure how that could be solved as that’s a constantly evolving problem area. File size may be a solveable issue depending on format and ability to compress. If the whole process is too risky due to security or corruption issues, perhaps a basic world generator could be added at some point sized appropriately to be able to run solely on devices, completely independent and not compatible at all with the mmo version. Love the mmo version when it is running well, but really just put this up with the hope that there could be some alternative to allow us to enjoy at least some version of the game even if the mmo is unavailable.

Have you not looked at what’s in the next update we will be getting?(whenever that is lol)

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As to local universes and melee yes. Was under the impression those were still online and connected to the main mmo with some varied differences.

The local worlds will not be connected to live universes as we can set the rules and resources etc. You can have others join them but different characters than the live ones.

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I don’t know what you mean about “constructive reasons”. It’s not technically feasible.

All right, fair enough. I wasn’t trying to be offensive either, it’s a pretty cut and dried situation.

As others have noted, private worlds are coming, and this is some of what you want. With regards to offline versions of live universe worlds, syncing and de-syncing, enough reasons have been given by now.

Yeah if they will run independently reliably that would certainly solve the problem of wanting to play boundless but being diverted to ‘Game B’ because of things so its moot if all goes well. Would still like to see the in game trade tab in knowledge expanded though I think someone said the 3rd party app for that is operational again for now. And I really meant no offense, I dont believe in the word impossible. Transparent Aluminum for example, star trek science fiction to now fact. Seriously, google it.

Butt is back up yes. But there was the boundlexx one that was still working. So there was still another option for it.

“Impossible” , in this context, is intended to mean “prohibitively expensive”, “unfeasible”, or “impractical”.

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I’m not sure how useful it will be if you have to “check in” with steam to get to your own hosted world, to be honest. If you can accomplish that to play on a local world while amazon servers are down then the problem is, well, some percentage of solved?

I would have been so excited for this. I had hoped that they would move in this direction and I had some different hopes for the shopping (and other proposed/discussed APIs as well) implementation. This game is so hacked though that there hasn’t been any real need for them to provide more elaborate data services or APIs, there are several developers with very well integrated sites. At least one of whom offers an API that is much closer to what I would have personally hoped the game devs would eventually provide.

In any case they’ve maintained a very specific focus and based on mainly gossip and second/third party conversations it became clear to me after a while that including the PS4 ecosystem changes things quite a bit and also the focus there is really on the individual planet servers and clients, not so much actually on “a universe” as I would personally have. Or it sounds like you have.

Boundless is a giant collection of planets. The universe is player lore :rofl:


On this other topic (@Rydralain just posted lol) I think the closest I got to saying “impossible” was “not feasible”. But in this case, the limitations of the hardware involved (even without sony’s interference) might actually make the proposal in the OP “not possible”.

It’s definitely not that there hasn’t been any thought put into it, however.

Ah great, now were on context - flashbacks to visiting japan - very difficult to communicate when what people were saying didnt seem to match what they meant. Just trying to order shrimp was confusing. Context-wise even passive aggressive statements can be used to show respect, if you’ve spent any time in the military or know anyone who has it is just about the only way to disagree with your CO’s behavior or orders but still show respect for the uniform and rank so your backside doesnt hit the brig haha. -more flashbacks- Least there’s the Mass Effect relaunch soon to enjoy as a good ‘Game B’ if servers are down here while they keep developing boundless. Never got to play those originally.