Often items wont stack?!


I experience this all the time. I got maybe 88 sticks and then I got 14 sticks. They don’t stack. They just consolidate the one stack to 100 and then leaves another stack with 2 in. Trying to stack the two just switches their place in the inventory. Then suddenly, after trying for several minutes, dividing the stacks into many smaller stacks, combining them again etc, then suddenly make the one multi stack. I do not know why it sometimes wont stacks and other times it will; haven’t been able to find a pattern.

Idk what is going on, but this problem is still a problem and it is really annoying. If you play this game once in a while I cannot imagine you not seeing this?


They will only stack if you drop a smaller (or equal) size stack on to a larger one. Doing it the other way round will just swap their places.

You still have to get one of them to 100 before they’ll start merging to a smart stack though, so 52 + 52 will need to be combined twice, first to 100 + 4 and then to 104.


This is something that annoys me as well.
Is this supposed to be intentional?

If yes, can someone please tell me a use case where this is supposed to be useful?
For me it’s only an annoyance every time it happens.

I remember it didn’t work like that when I started in 2017.
I think this behavior appeared some time around when we transitioned from 99 items per stack to 100.


It’s just filling the stack of less than 100 up to 100. So it seems like they’re switching place but really it’s doing the most logical thing, which is adding what you are moving to the stack you moved it to, until it hits 100 and the extras are returned to the spot of what used to be 100.

It is annoying in most cases but it isn’t a glitch or an issue. You just have to get used to moving the 100 to its own spot first, then adding the extra to make it a smart stack.


if it is not a glitch why does it sometimes stack them? It’s inconsistent behaviour.

“You just have to get used to moving the 100 to its own spot first, then adding the extra to make it a smart stack.”. When this issue happens this does not work. Then suddenly it works.

Could possible network lag cause problems with stacking? I noticed when Im traversing planets suddenly my atlas will be completely white when I have discovered many regions, then suddenly they will show on the atlas (Im just guessing maybe its caused by lag, it cant load the info from the server until lag is done?). Maybe the stacking has similar problems to stack if connection to server is problem.


ok, well this wasnt what was happening; they wouldnt stack when doing smaller stack onto 100 either. Then suddenly, after trying a few minutes, it would.


I don’t remember when it started but it was later than that, because it didn’t work this way when i started. One day it started happening, took me a few minutes to figure out the stacking order, now it’s just an occasional irritating mistake. But it was definitely not always like that.

No idea on that then.


Could you make a video of this happening?


Nope it is definitely a glitch and is definitely an issue. It makes organizing your inventory or storage EXTREMELY annoying and wastes a lot of time.


yes I will do that, when I get some time hopefully soon!


It will be interesting to see what it looks like in video.