Ok sooo what is there to do exactly?

Ok so I recall being told there is so much to do in Boundless that building is considered the “other stuff” (i.e its not the main thing unlike lets say minecraft). Ok so Ive been doing most of my journal til I go to the point where the requirements became a bit more involved or the materials needed I have no idea how to find. Then discovered. Ok so If Im not doing my journal hat else is there to do bedsides build?

You wanna be merchant? Ok gonna have to BUILD a shop, No point in really exploring since although theres a million different planets and planet types theres only like 4 different types of wildlife sooo not really much to see. At the end of the day building is probably gonna level you the fastest. Soooo what Im a missing that can be done that doesnt require building (and still be fun)?

Also I hear you can still get kill points after lvl 50. What point does that serve? If I reading right you only can have 100 skill points used. Im only lvl 12 and have already used 22. So something tells me Ill be at 100 WELL before 50 so what good would he other skill points do?

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Most people recommend making an alt or two. You continue to get Cubits after 50 so you can continue to expand your plots, not sure if the skill points. I’m planning on having a gatherer, crafter, and a third generic alt. They can all earn cubits and can be used to expand and share plots with the other characters.

Mining deep is fun to me

At 2 skill points per level, you should reach 100 and level 50 at roughly the same time.

You will almost definitely need to build something. Your inventory is not sufficient to carry everything you may need/want with you, so a beacon and some functional blocks are almost mandatory. That being said, building 4 walls to keep your stuff in and building as a primary activity are two different things. And if you (like me) feel that you’re building a bit more than you may want, go and have a look what aggressive/dedicated builders can churn out… suddenly my huge build looks like a 4 wall mudhut and i feel secure in my gathering once again


I have a beacon as well as lands thats 4 plots wide and Ive got walls and a door (the walls are two blocks high lol) but no roof lol, so yea I ave storage blocks, crafting table and a furnace (and even still space is an issue lol). My issue is that a suck at building an lack the creativity to churn out something that would be considered even basic. Thus for people like me doesnt seem like theres much else to do.

For example Ive been playing since Friday. My friend just started and been playing under 6 hours and the start of his house already looks 1000 times more impressive than mine. Hes even build and underground basement that leads out to a mining area underground. I couldnt pull off something like that if I tried lol.

I can definitely fight though… which is why all my skill points are thrown into stuff that assist in combat (damage death, slingbow mastery etc etc) too bad theres not much out there to fight or good rewards for doing so. I mean beating up the same 5000 Spitters can only be fun for so long lol. Some variety and good/epic drops would be nice, as well as armor/weapon crafting (no i dont mean putting skill points into stats that reduce your damage taken… I mean actual armor and a few more weapon options)

have you joined the organized daily hunts? you might get better loot from those?

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If i seen said hunts I most definitely would

Ok you need to look for a link to join discord there you can get more information on daily hunts.

Sorry I do not know how to set up an invite to the channel. @Simoyd can you set up a discord invite?

Gathering, crafting and trade are all very diverse. As somebody who doesn’t build at all I just do those and just trying to gather some of each item once a month is challenging even if you play several hours a day.

Pre-wipe I would spend entire evenings just crafting and coordinating the hundreds of mats needed to make end-game goods - slowly but certainly its already taking up more and more of my time now.

The trade scene is very competitive and learning what is in demand and adapting your stock to constantly keep up with new items, patches, balance changes and player projects (which greatly influence demand) is engaging on its own. Again, entire days of play time lost to just focusing on market dynamics for me.


Got a link

You can find more information on hunts and other things like guilds here

Oh definitely do what you like!! Consider that you might like something you havent tried, so dont just stick to what you know though… hunts are a ton of fun and they need some more hunt leaders - if you enjoy it and want to put more time into it the community could def benefit from you.

There will almost always be someone better than you at whatever you pick to do. @ElfMarine joined our build in beta and was convinced he couldnt stack 2 blocks om top each other straight… but he found it relaxing and we enjoyed his company.

Don’t compare yourself too strongly against others, but strive to be your best at what you like. It may take a couple of hours to find what you like, and that may (will) change with time, but theres a spot for you if you look for it. That’s what boundless is to me.

You like fighting?! Oh the options are there!

The daily hunts are okay. But if you really want to feel your value and have a blast, offer to body guard a gatherer.

I played body guard for a few hours on a teir 4 planet, it is a blast!

They get to gather the resources on the surface they need, and you get exp/monster drops.

If you work it out ahead they will likely pay you either in a portion of what they collect or just coin.

Grapple swinging down around a tree to save a gatherer from a cuddle trunk is time well spent!


Oh tagris, might need you as a professional hunter guide sooner or later lol


I should be online next week! (sadly traveling for work missing all the fun !) Happy to play body guard again! I can fight and handle up to T4 worlds…I can TECHNICALLY fight T5…but that gets dicey.

I avoid meteors and just hop around you killing everything while you gather whatever you want.

and thats the EXACT kinda thing I envisioned doing when I started playing

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Btw ok so I have two beacons. One is listed and my home beacon and its expired. the other is the one i primarily use and keep fueled. How so I find that expired home beacon (which is apparently right on top of my current one even though its not physically there) so I can delete it from my beacon list and have my ACTUAL home beacon as the only one?

Also you can go to a level 3+ planet and try to complete a meteorite by yourself. This is also fun, challenging and rewarding

aside from a portal i havent figured out how to leave the planet im on… i point my totem at other planets and i can see stuff like settlements but cant go/fly to them like you do when you first start in the sanctum

If you go to the beacon you are using and interact with it you can set it as your home beacon, then you can delete the expired beacon out of your list.

To travel to other planets like you first did from Sanctum in the beginning you just need to craft an augment for your totem (if you find the knowledge tab and look it up it will tell you what materials and machines you need to craft one) you then put that in your totem, point it at the planet you want to go to and pick a location (make sure it’s not too high a level planet or you’ll be constantly dieing) you then craft some warp conduits (knowledge tab), place a couple down, one on the other, interact with it, go to the locations tab and find the location you created with the totem and away you go.

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