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i need one off the tiny pots near the portal place :smile:
if possible

euh a plot dont need pots

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Let’s not forget the intend is to record the progress, so I guess the builds will have to be simple caskets in order to be doable in the allotted time.

I will stick to plot 10 the other one may be to big for me to build in that short amount of time :slight_smile:

and do something like this…

or this…


@142857 big plot 15 is yours
@IAintNerdy also plot 14 is assigned to you
and P8 is yours @the-moebius

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Nice! How exactly do I reach this place? :3 want to see the plot before hand.

You can’t see it, because it doesn’t exist yet :smiley:

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Oh aha, Well if you need help building the wall I’ll happily help, or need inspiration :3


Would you like to design city walls? These walls looks great!


Donyou have the location scouted out for this @Karokendo?

Wish I joined earlier enough to participate in this. Right now I doubt I have the skills (actual building skills and in-game skills) to do much of anything.

Good luck all on the work.

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You can always prepare a structure in some external program like Magicka Voxel and build your structure in game when time comes. It’s not that hard! :slight_smile: Still ~2 weeks+ left


Edit: Gonna have to sit this one out. Semester, work and internship makes me think I won’t have the time to commit towards such a project. Sorry :frowning:

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City Frame WIP

Please do not claim any plots yet.


Minus the red bricks I presume? Not very medieval.

How do people feel about bricks in this build?

Is there a more general guide of “do’s and don’t’s” for the theme of this build?

I assume that machined copper and green wood are out, but what would be preferred materials?

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I will publish material list and guidelines pretty soon


If I’m around and available for this build I would love to set up a timelapse of my own. It’s gonna be epic. Not something you’d wanna miss.


I thought op said wood and stone only. Plus think about it, would anything else look medieval?

white Metamorphic Bricks would look very medieval and is something I have a ton of and am interested in using


Was thinking that myself and you can get wood that looks like planks when laid down would be good for flooring

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