Old Event

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I agree Metomorphic bricks do look medieval, they look best as a foundation or part of the structure. you can also use red meto bricks for roof to ive off an imperial feel, still medieval i suppose.


If the event is not on Jan. 21 I would be excited to participate and take p#12 if still free

I have a few questions:
What planet will it be on?
the date you’re talking about is in which time zone? ET?

@Karokendo I can’t remember which plot you assigned for me, but I wanted a small one for my pub :slight_smile:

Also exploring a bit more stone based building on 4x3 plots:

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Is there a date set and material list yet?

dont film me people will think its at normal speed ahhaha


I am kinda interested in this too but not sure if my time zone will allow with your timing.

Hi ink I believe it has been put back till February now due to commitments also anyone after a materials list there will be one once it’s fully decided :slight_smile:


Daum… Was really looking forward to this! Ohwell. Gotta wait… Means more time for grinding. Any ideas on material gonna be used? Id like to have a round about figure of what i need to collect