Oldest Build

This is when I actually bought it:


It was playable on prior to Steam (don’t remember how long before that it was but it is not the same game):


Im so jealous I wasn’t here from the beginning. Granted, I should probably be happy I missed the full worlds … then again it would have just been fun to see things from the start of it all.

I’m trying to put a little idea I had together and was hoping to visit some of the old builds that are still standing.

I also have an idea for an event that I’d like to try and put together, I’ll post something soon.


My main house is in the beacon I placed on day 1, Sept 11, 2018. Tore a few places down as I grabbed plots before completing the final build in August '19. The one next to it, “the last of my ugly builds”, was done a few months before and is presently the oldest in Kindred Bay but unfortunately it’s my next teardown. One of my bridges came right after my house in 2019. My shop can get an honorable mention for having some blocks from the original version in early '19, as I remade it without tearing it all down.


If you were here from the beginning there’s like a 90% chance you’d have just been another player who deleted the game after being auto logged out after 15 minutes for the 5th straight time while standing in front of a portal to the next of 6 more jumps, all of which were full at 60/60 capacity, with no way of warping home. :laughing: I’m glad everyone who started after those disasters were fixed did so after.


I was here for that :joy::joy: Finata was always Full!! :cookie: :cookie:


We’d need access to beacon info to know for sure.

The current Boundlessverse came into existence on August 16th 2018 (The 1st set of planets spawned on the15th).
The official public launch date was Sept 11th 2018. Some players had early access.

This seems to be the first post that mentions a build (not sure if there is still a beacon there):


Fresh, white diapers.

Ahhh that “New Universe” smell :rofl:


bought the game on the 16th of September, so five days after the official launch. Following the tutorial on my first beacon, I quickly built a little house before I logged out. I extended below it, and replaced plain rocks with decorative stone, and added gleam doors. But that first build is still there, essentially as I built it. I made a choice that as I built other places, I would leave the builds at the level I was at when I built them. So my first garden etc is all still there.


On a side note, isn’t Gyosha Mall one of the oldest malls still around. And didn’t you lay the basic structure for it pretty early on?


Yes & there were shopping areas before ours opened. Finata was my personal favorite. After launch, we had a super hard time accessing our shops, portals and builds on that planet. The player limit was low back then…around 40 IIRC (I’d have to check my screenshots). Since we couldn’t access it, we started building our own mall and then opened it in Nov of 2018. It was so much fun seeing other players constantly running around all of the planets. The going price for oort was around 100c. Good times. :blush:


I dont believe that build is still active, however a short time later we set up a second guild base on Biitula that exists to this day. The oldest beacon there is the bridge that spans the ravine the city is built across. Perhaps I can get screen shots from the beacon this evening… if I dont immediately get roped into helldivers!


@Grimdian very nice of you to think of the All Block Museum. :grin:
We actually built it 4 years ago. @Envyv77 announced the opening on 27 April 2020 in the forum.

But I don’t think the museum is the oldest building. :crazy_face:


I’m doubt I was the first literal beacon on Phem because I had to run to the location and others would have placed campfires. But, know I was close since I had early access and was there the second the servers were online. The beacon was definitely the first capital on Phem and more than likely the game. I think the time was 8/16/2018 @ 2:18 pm PST (based on when the screenshot was taken). I had removed the beacon once we fully established on Biitula but grabbed the spot again because I want to put up some monument one day.

I don’t have a screenshot of the Biitula capital but we were it for sure and very likely the first beacon because we were rushing to get on the planets like many others. The beacons there were probably reconfigured so I lost oldest plot I am sure.

At that point in the game many of us where just playing to establish and not thinking about keeping a beacon alive so you have the oldest plot or beacon. This was before buffers and many other settlement changes.


I started on PlayStation early access so the oldest Beacon that I know of is Illuminoorti build on Biitula which I think is Sola’s that I’ve seen up still to this day or @Kralith pyramid Build on Circa maybe is old too :cookie:


All this is great. I totally should have named the top Old Builds and their History or something. Appreciate you all sharing!


was also thinking your house and prob some others on beckon aqua embassy

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What was the first mall?
The mall on Finata? Gyosha Mall?

Hi, I’m pretty sure that my Chateau Excelsior beacon was started a few days after the game came out on Steam and I;ve been slowly adding to it ever since .


Not the oldest build, but one of the oldest Guild Hall at least. Former ChiselKnights HQ, still being fuelled as a memorial :slightly_smiling_face:


Gyosha Mall still remains, but it was not the 1st.