🔵 Oldest-plots-take-over & buffers should be removed

This feels a bit harsh. His point was valid, irregardless of how poorly it came across. The devs are aware of the issues. James is even helping work out plotting issues while the team works on a solution. Any fixes will take time to implement - the devs could use some time and we could all use a chill pill.

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That doesn’t apply in the situation I’m in, and the thing you’re suggesting is still a total exploit of the Buffer Zone system. It was not made for this purpose.


The other comment was harsh too.

(If you want to say something it is best not to crudely attack another player, which he did)


I don’t care. I want to keep the ability to change my build and plots. Before the change this was possible. With the change you might loose plots to your neighbor. This is dumb and I protected me against this until they fix it, if they fix it.

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I have to defend @bucfanpaka here…I know what she’s referring to. I made a vague pessimistic comment on the internet elsewhere after a couple of convos with some folks.


He still has a valid point. Change always comes with some problems. I think most people forget that this is not a 200 men team that makes this game and they need tine to work things out. Just flooding the forum with negativity and salt doesnt help and i saw a lot of salt regarding the plots.

This discussion got very emotional real quick and i fell like it is escalating.
Taking a step back and wait what the devs plan would suit everybody instead of the constant whining.

It was valid to tell me to “stop crying”?

There are huge issues and no, James was NOT aware of some of them. They need the info/input.


No one is whining. They are legitimately upset.


Then you should read the other posts. Some are nothing than complains and are not helpful or constructive criticism.

I don’t think his point was valid. Telling a player to stop crying or you will drown in your house from tears is not valid.

A lot of players disagree with the new buffer system, because it is hurting what is there.

Yea there’s emotion because we care about our places, and the communities that we have created, only for it to be ruined.

( thank you @Goblinounours )

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I read all of the posts. Yes, I am pointing out fatal flaws in a system. You don’t like that. Great. Thanks for your opinion. This discussion is badly needed and constructive. There were several things happening that they weren’t aware of.


Oh, sorry, wasn’t aware of that. Bad Vex, bad! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which is why we have TESTING.
During testing, concerns were raised.
You’re testing, making reports on what you’ve tested, you hear nothing from the devs, and suddenly, one morning “Oh, haï, there’s a downtime, we’re pushing the update right now”. For both the farming and buffer zone updates, my first reaction was “wait, what, already?!? Oooooh I don’t like thiiiis…”. Guess how that turned out.
IMHO, there’s not enough testing and not enough communication.
From what you’re saying, it sounds like it’s not their fault. It’s almost like it’s us who need to change things.
I don’t agree with this.


I do not think that i replied to you or implite your post in any way? I did as such not specify you or your post. But thanks for the aggressive answer!

You call that aggressive? o_o
Maybe… don’t? Just don’t.

Actually, what the guy said is supposed to be read as “stop crying or you will drown in your own tears in your appartment or house”. Flat is the great-britain word for appartment.


You know that I cannot control what other people do or say on a public forum. I got a notification that your post was directed at me…and you told me to “read the other posts”. I did read them, I read your’s too.

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A one size fits all approach was never going to work. Some people want to solo and build on their own, some people want to team up and build with freinds.

With such a community driven game, literally forcing barriers between the whole community seems like a really odd approach.

It seems like reactive frustration from the devs dealing with disputes rather than a well thought out enhancement to the mechanics.

The vocal minority won again.


I’d say nobody won, there. Everybody loses.


Well there is always context but if you find my post offensive then i am sorry it was not intended as such.

But please forgive me if i reply now to your post directly. You say that the new plotsystem paralyzes your settlement/city. While i agree that it is not ideal i too share a settlement with other players and yes we got in each others way several times. Easiest solution? Talk and ask for a solution between the involved players. No dev yet needed and we were until now always able to find the right solution.

In larger citys yes there can be issues but nothing some talking could solve i feel.

There are players that are inactive too. How do you talk to someone who is inactive?

(Or maybe doesn’t even return to the game)


Yeah agreed, was more meaning we’re developing a trend of changes based on a few people causing drama. Cant imagine how hard it would be dealing with us spoilt brats all day every day, but wish we would slow down on some of these reactive “fixes”.