🔵 Oldest-plots-take-over & buffers should be removed

Yes, we know something needs to be done with the plot system.

I can only imagine the # of reports you guys are receiving now.

As many people have, I have invested a lot of my time & hundreds of $$$ into this game because it was fun & I loved playing it.

To apply this new oldest-plots-take-over and buffers mechanic to existing planets and builds was unethical.

Being told to copy someone else’s “better designed” place, is wrong. Our place has grown organically as a community effort, using the previous game mechanics as presented.

What are my options at this point?

  • I could tear out my roads, and go re-build. However, I have integrity/morals and would never do this to anyone.

  • PM James every. single. time. someone needs to trade a shop, a new person wants to set up shop, anytime I need to change something…

  • Start re-building the mall - I’ve exhausted almost all of my plots and at this point I will not be buying anymore after experiencing this debacle.

If you guys wanted to add such a huge fundamental change, it should go on a fresh NEW planet only, where people can plan around it. I am stuck at this point, as are some others. You wanted fun little cities and groups working together…this feels a lot like punishment for doing JUST THAT. Our city is literally PARALYZED right now.

Please remove the plot buffer & oldest-plots-take-newer plots system until it can be fine-tuned, or apply it to new planets only.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This entire feature should be OFF by default.
Someone who’s build is older than yours but who’s owner is almost never online and hasn’t been online since this last update should NOT have the Buffer system ON by default.

Here’s the situation I’m in :

On a related note, there has been concerns raised about this on the Testing threads, on separated threads, and JUST LIKE the Lighting changes from the Farming update, the devs decided to push the update without giving enough considerations to these concerns.
I’m seeing a problematic pattern, here.
I remember seeing (I think) James telling us “we’ve been thinking about the Buffer Zone system since last year, we know what we’re doing” or something like that. Well, I’m sorry to say that you guys didn’t think hard enough.
Communication with and from the devs needs improvements.


Based on everything I’ve seen on these forums, videos, etc. if you upset Majorvex, you done did something really wrong.


I am getting upset that 100s of people that set up in our mall/city have been paralyzed. It has affected everyone.I feel bad for our residents…they can’t trade spaces, can’t change their spaces, I can’t trade them my spaces, …nothing.


Should have warned them in advance…oh , wait…

Got to say this idea definately definately needed fine tuning first rather than rolling out broken and then fixing later.

Can see a lot of people walking away because of this


I think this is the worst (unintended) result of the new beacon buffer system. The dude already works insanely hard for us. Either a beacon trading system or player moderators will be needed if the current mechanics are to stay.


Trolls keep on trolling.

Back under your bridge foul beast!


That’s the problem this design was intended to alleviate problems where devs needed to be involved. Instead it now requires even more dev interaction. The change should just be rolled back, placed in test, and tested thoroughly.

How is this ok and a game wipe isn’t? The change as it stands is basically a forced mall/city wipe because designs have to be replanned and redone if the plot change stays as is.


We don’t need more players with moderator authority. Beacon trading would be a lot better.


This 100%!



100% agree but how do you account for people that haven’t logged in or don’t want to sale/trade beacons? It’s just a new way to exploit the plot system which this new thing was supposed to curb in the first place.

Beacon trading would work nicely…if they rollback the buffers and oldest-plots-take-over mechanic.


Mainly because I hate the idea of players being a mod in game or on the forums. These people should be replaced with actual Wonderstruck employees. Like a CM team. If we aren’t going to get the necessary CM Team to help with these issues more directly and timely, then we need the game features in place to allow it to happen.

The fact is we need both. Not just one over the other but both.


I was in the process of realigning plots to new beacons and had planned to put all of my settlement’s roads on one beacon and can no longer do that due to other players adjacent plots. It is ridiculous that unplotting a plot will immediately assign it to someone else. It is my plot I should be able to do as I please with it, including transfer it to an alt or other player.

There needs to be some sort of cool down before the plot reservation takes effect. That alone would solve most of the issues I am seeing.


And meanwhile, people are exploiting the Buffer Zone system to block huuuuuge spaces with a minimal amount of plots with cr@p like this :

Yeah. I’ve said it. Sue me.


Will throw in my $.02 then step out. As I’ve said before, I don’t like to involve myself in others’ disputes, but I do want to put a little feedback on the situation in, but I’ll leave it at this.

On one side, people do have every right to be hurt and upset over changes that severely disrupt or damage a lot of hard work, not to mention the investment of real money. And for now, I also think for the sake of the game and the long-term players who have invested so much, perhaps it needs to be redacted until something that works out better can put rolled out. Not worth the damage I see it doing right now, just my own read on it, though in fairness just coming from a player and one with next to no technical knowledge at that.

On the other, absolutely no way the devs are just brushing things off or had any ill intent or would ever want to upset players, and especially not hurt one who has done as much for the game and is such an incredible asset to Boundless as Vex. I’d stake all my money on that. Their history has just been so incredible here, best experience I’ve had with any game, never seen a team so involved and genuinely caring about our feedback. This has to be painful on their end as well, and seems right now we might have stress on both sides making the situation more tense. I know since I’m not effected (well, not in any way I care about) I’m coming from a different place on my perspective, but let’s maybe look at some of the things around this as a one-off, stuff happens, and give it time for them to work things out for us, and to talk things out with them more. I hope people thinking of walking will reconsider, truly - there is nothing that can’t be fixed or changed.


Actually, no. This is the only way to protect the reserved space. This is the only way to prevent the thing happening you complaint about in this thread.

I don’t think @majorvex implied that there was any ill intent from the devs. Neither did I.
But I for one do say that concerns have definitely been brushed off. I clearly remember the post I saw from a dev saying something like “we know what we’re doing”.

I’ll indulge myself with a “lol what?”.


Yeah, that was mainly in response to things in other threads implying that they were avoiding/ignoring the situation and concerns, should have probably clarified or worded that better. There are a lot of reasons devs might go silent on something, sometimes talking before things are ready can cause issues. Edit: I know I said I’d be quiet, sorry haha, but I should elaborate on this more: that the silence isn’t from being uncaring or from thinking they’re right and that is that.

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Don’t let anyone plot next to your reserved plots, or they might steal your reserved plots.

Thanks to the reserved mechanic it’s now MORE likely to get blocked in.