Omega Hub Portals

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Omega Hub on delta T4 will no longer Maintain portals as we are currently building a farm hub and making all high tiers planets accessible from the hub itself + im returning to work so less time to get on Oort hunts so please contact me so we can discuss to see if you’d like to stay linked or if you would like to close, we do offer support on maintaining when your in need for help Thanks to everyone who are already maintaining their own portals this excludes TNT Mega HUB and The Future contact me via discord “which can be found of signs in the centre of the hub” to discuss on this situation thanks …Technoo

Also we are changing the sizes of the bottom floor portals and adding bigger signs I done many portals already so if your portal already has a 2x2 sign then no worries the ones that don’t please also contact me via discord :slight_smile:


hello buddy,
whats happening with the portal to xa frant it has been closed for a couple of days, are u reopening?
are you still active?

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Yeh I’m still alive and active just back to work now so can’t get much oorts atm so I’ve only had people who maintain their own portals left at my hub

aright welcome back even its been 5 days for a reply.
when you started on your hub and you came and see me and asked if you could open to xa frant i redesigned some portals to make your request doable i did mention i work efficient as i don’t like portals being opened when its just just max 2 portals to bring you to the same location. you offered up in maintaining the portal, and this only lasted a few days before you started to ask people to fuel their own portal and u let mine run out i gave u lots of portal conduit to help you out!
you never communicated back to me, never seen me about the portal anymore since i was excluded from maintaining it
i take lack of communication serious and some people already know this.
so i don’t want to be a part of this anymore thank you.
i warned you about hub maintaining that you either fail or succeed you failed
but still friends, just don’t come see me about portals :slight_smile:

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Ah okay no problem yeh I’ve been inactive for a week I did ask my friend to refuel only you and someone else’s as I said in the big para about my hub not going to refuel anyone’s but yours and tnt I think but sad to see you go and thank you for your support you gave me all then portal conduits and I was there to help sorry for the lack of communication but real life is busy with this virus within my family and having to work away from home it’s hard but sorry to see you leave us if you ever change your mind and want me to power you back up just let me know my good friend ! And sorry about everything

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Let me know if you ever wanna partner back up when I’m more active but should be able to keep your portal running whenever :slight_smile:

its not really about cost its about communication i waited more then a week to have some sort of feedback related to the portal :slight_smile: and about a re-open don’t worry about it buddy save your oort

just make sure whoever you gave the job to fuel does it like you expect it to happen.
seems a lack of communication as well there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeh I get that no problems :slight_smile:

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Cya budddy

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Just my thoughts on this. I’m sure it wasnt the intent but this paints the guy in a pretty bad light and could come across that you are more important than RL/ Or that your are bit over aggressive. I’m 100% not saying this is the case or even know you well enough to think that of you, however that was my impression of a 30s read- which is what most people will do.

I read it twice more and thought about intent and it’s more a case of disappointment and frustration at delays (hate this too) Maybe this would have been better served being done via PM to prevent other newer players getting that impression?

Btw. Absolutely no offence or upset it intended to anyone, just my thoughts - as unwanted as they often are lol


its not meant in a bad way at all but i know from my own experience and i want others to do the same is to tell me when i done wrong so i can work on improving myself i’m not selfish i think about others before i think about myself. he does know its his fault and this only makes him realize as hub owner to step up the game if he wants his portal customers to stay its just common sense , i have full respect for everyone and everything but i have a strict rule when it comes to communication i rather have people tell me (example) hey the portal its closing u have to pay for it yourself if you like to stay open since i’m busy to maintain it.sure then we can work something out! but if u let it close and i tried to contact you multiple times without any reply i give up and its just a matter of a few minutes to give me feedback its more called laziness over busy. i have experienced this in many games and i try to avoid this in a game i love the most , i can go on and on and on about it but i’m more disappointed in people for not communicating properly maybe i’m to oldschool for it, but umm

it already shows you are worried of making someone upset…and this is what i mean
people cannot take any feedback anymore without being offended

sorry Ghandy this is not an attack on you i repeat not any attack of any kind :slight_smile:

see how the smile Soothens it?

online vs real chat is a whole lot different for example.

i don’t like you!
i don’t like you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

see how different that is and how it changes the whole message

people assume to much of the bad when the bad is only the way how you look at it.

Completely agree, and in some ways I think this is the reason I posted. I can see the intent was a sigh…disappointed, takes like 2 mins to reply…having had to wait THREE months to get some plots on arie I hate it too. However, I was just trying to let you know that our more direct approach to solving problems may sadly upset a portion of the forum population and then the flagging and hiding wars begin lol.

I suspect that you may already be well aware of that danger though

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i certainly know xD

I thought this was pms tbh never mind everyone can read up on how bad omega hub communications are when the hub creator “me” can’t play boundless for a while cause real life stuff :joy::joy: maybe I should quit my job to make a new job playing boundless looking after portals so people don’t get mad :slight_smile:


its an option xD or don’t start a hub if you know you cant maintain it :slight_smile: i told you this from the start ^^

Just play the game the way you want when you can. Not everyone can spend hours every day playing a game. If you want to run a portal hub then do it. If you decide you do not want to do it anymore then close it. It is up to you and how you want to play the game.


exactly only time will tell what you really like to do

I wouldnt worry about it man, if ya need a hand with anything at all just give me a shout :slightly_smiling_face:

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