OmniUno's minimum requirements for ring world combat


Ring world combat is currently one of the most profitable things to do in-game. Tier 4/5 spitters and cuttletrunks drop gems - used to craft end-game tools. Each player gets loot for any mob killed in the vicinity so this is a group sport.

All you need if you are part of a group is to survive one shot. Bring cooked meat / healing brews and 4 points spent into vitality (and you need to run from hoppers).

To actually kill stuff, you need an iron bow and some power (4+ points). To not take forever, get more power and slingbow mastery. At around 8 points you can kill mobs solo (with some care).

I highly recommend the diamond slingbow with a grapple of your choice. At short range with some power the diamond slingbow is a killing machine. This setup allows my level 16 character to kill level 5 cuttletrunks in about 30 seconds (4-shotting level 3s if you aim well).

Others might have more experience - please share so we can guide players into combat!

EDIT: With the stats posted in this guide ring world combat is worthwhile. You can do it before this (with no skill points and an iron slingbow), but it will take minutes to kill stuff and everything will one-shot you. I do not recommend this.


Thanks for the info. If you see me on give me a shout out I would like to come on a small hunting party…:doug:

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Thanks of the info. i do that when i have the minimum requirement.

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It’s really easy if you have patience. I have no points in vitality or in power and it takes me around 2 minutes to kill high tier creatures. Just as long as you can dodge the attacks you’ll be fine. I’m really hoping they’ll release some harder enemies soon!


I’m curious?

  1. How are you surviving? Everything does more than 600hp’s damage? Are you dodging everything perfectly?
  2. With what are you damaging the mobs? I did no damage with a diamond slingbow to any mobs until I had 2 power - and then it was excruciatingly slow.

@OmniUno is this with a fresh account or an old one with free skills and extra skill points?

I tested with a new character that started with 0 skill points. I got 5 skill points per level up to level 10 and 10 skill points per level from there on (as I assume everyone else does).

I do not know of any accounts that received “free skills” or “extra skill points”. Given that these features were introduced a month ago - were they given out to some before that time?

Cuttles are bugged atm afaik, their shots miss even if you stand still :confused:
I can solo those and the wildstock lvl4 & 5’s with little to no trouble, with an iron slingbow and no points in the things you’ve mentioned. It can take a few minutes without missing too much :stuck_out_tongue:
The spitters however get me more often, either by lag or luck with their shots. Although if you stand with a single high block between them and you, they can’t hit you. There’s a bug note really, perhaps their shots should be aimed higher to avoid this :stuck_out_tongue:
And finally hoppers, so long as they don’t catch me by surprise they’re easy. Hit them and they curl up,then continue to hit them. Their biggest problem is rolling in to other mobs!

Ty. I’ve amended my post to state that you can do it earlier without skills and just an iron slingbow. I also added that I do NOT recommend this - I don’t want to chase people away from combat in the game because they feel that mobs take minutes to kill or because they get 1-shot constantly.

Old accounts start with some skills already unlocked and extra skill point pool to start you off…

Core skills at 5/5
Exploration at 4/15 “all inventory unlocked”
and 120 odd skillpoints

Not sure if this applies to when they make a new character, its why i asked…

Good to know. No, this was done without any of those benefits. My first 4 levels were spent into core skills (I skipped creep).

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Doesn’t – my new character started with 0/5 Core and no extra inventory space.

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  1. Yeah just dodging everything, the projectile attacks aren’t very quick so they’re pretty easy to dodge if you keep moving.

  2. I’m using an iron slingbow and it seems to be doing damage. It takes like 20 shots to kill a tier 4 flying thing (i forgot the name of them lol). I’m pretty sure I don’t have any points spent in power but I’ll check again.

@OmniUno So I just fought a tier 5 cluttertrunk with 2 points in power and 2 points in bow mastery using an iron slingbow. I have 600 hp so you have too dodge every attack. When his secondary attack activates (the one that sucks you up) just use a grapple to live the fall. It took 10-15 mins and I would not recommend.