On behalf of the Russian speaking community (Russian Translation)

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(I’m making this post on the behalf of a non-English speaking player) @Steggs101 @SamF

“Greetings from the Russian-speaking community. Some time ago we started translating the game into Russian. (By own strength.) To attract more Russian-speaking players. Got to the game code and now carefully with the meaning of trying to translate into your native language inscriptions game.
We (the community) have questions.”

  1. 'Whether Russian localization will be implemented by developers.
  2. 'is it Possible to use our translation in the game code ?
  3. 'Will Russian (alphabet?) be implemented in the chat between players?

Prompt with whom to us svyazatsya to show Let us know who to contact to show: “that we are here too” (Russian ). and that we are ready to help with the translation.

mail - vadim_kurdin@mail.ru
Discord - VadimKu #4507

I don’t know how hard this would be to incorporate but Steam workshop would be a convenient way to incorporate and distribute fan made translations and would add to Boundless’s accessibility :thinking:


It should be quite easy to modify one of the existing strings files but maybe long-winded (in the archetypes/strings folder), but a better implementation would be good I suppose





@russians please feel free to play with us. But please turn off wallhack and aimbot:-D

The good thing is, this game is expensive enough to ensure hackers won’t buy multiple accounts.

#Joking #Sarcasm


That would be perfect!


Game support UNICODE now?


My understanding is that they are doing exactly that =) I guess they are asking if Russian is going to be officially added (and they should save their effort and wait for it) or it that is not the case can their efforts be used by the devs to add a Russian translation sooner… since i would imagine that the devs would want it professionally translated to ensure quality… a simple steam workshop add-on for fan made translations would go a long way to add accessibility to the game with minimal impact on the devs ^^ (i’ve seen at least one game do this: Dead Cells. where all the translations were fan made and distributed through the steam workshop)


I think it should be quite easy for that to be implemented too, so long as the game can tell when one has been downloaded and add the option to the settings menu