On Returning to Boundless


So I came back to Boundless after a long break, probably 6+ months, went from fully coiled machines and limitless stacks of everything to whatever I happened to have in my pockets after my beacons expired. Losses were easily in the millions, didn’t really lose much sleep over it though.

When I would consider coming back, I would think “Oh man, all that stuff I lost…” and dread the work it was going to take to rebuild and I’d put Boundless off for another couple weeks…

Long story short, none of that even matters. I picked Boundless up again, dusted myself off and you know what? Banging rocks with an iron hammer on a T3 world is fun! If anything, it has been refreshing to rebuild from almost zero… I still have my characters and skills, plus a clean slate to build a base from without having to move all those pesky worldly possessions. Boundless feels wild and free, like I’ve finally escaped the grind. Before my loop was gems, gems, more gems, must mine gems… Now it’s, “Uhh… oh, I need a spark generator to build a refinery?? And cogs? How do I make those again?”

My only regret is I wish I had given my stuff away, but hopefully people saw the decomposing plot and looted it… I hope I made someone’s day and it didn’t all just go to waste. But to anyone thinking about returning, just do it. Log in, bang some rocks, built a work bench… could be fun :slight_smile:


You are welcome in Axon on Biitula!


Yep, I just returned a few days ago and have been playing casually. I let my beacon expire on purpose because I wanted to start fresh b/c it is pretty fun.


I’ll have to swing by and check it out, what’s a good way to get there?


Via Portal seekers biitula has an Axon city gate on lower level.
Via TNT Megahub Biitula is actually located in Axon
Via hubbit biitula use gate marked Axon

We are also accessible via the hunt hive, duskmoor, regen consortium…

So many choices to reach Axon, the Jewel of Biitula!