Once upon a time in the Vena V Outback

(Hello Boundless community, new player and builder here :slight_smile: Got the game recently and have been experimenting with the things you can do as a builder in this universe. Since I did not have the needed level or skill points to go all out I tried to do something with rather basic blocks and tools, and it has been great fun so far. Thought I d share what I did so far with you guys, hope you enjoy it ^^)

As you are trekking through the Vena V outback, you suddenly come upon a curious sight in the distance.

Signs of civilization upon that ancient mountain? You decide to examine it further and make your way up the steep slope of the Venan mountain range. The sun is setting when you arrive, and soon you find yourself at an ancient settlement, welcomed by the natives living there. They tell you of their sacred mountain where the sky and earth is married each day and night.

They invite you to see for yourself, to perform the ancient rite of rebirth and enlightenment. You stand before the entrance into the womb of the earth. First you must face the darkness within before you can emerge to embrace the light.

After having braved the darkness you now approach the pyramid on top of the sacred mountain. The moment is soon upon you. They said that when the serpent’s eyes are filled with life, the birth of the sun will occur. You climb to the top of the pyramid and turn towards the ancient monument, The Great Serpent.

You wait, and then you see it. The eyes fill with life and the world becomes light. You feel elevated. It is a marriage of sky and earth.

Time passes. Sometimes different life fills the eyes of the Serpent. One day and one night on the sacred mountain, they said to you.

And when the night approaches, you understand why. Another birth, another cycle complete. You cannot say how long you stand there and gaze upon the sky and the stars.

In the end, you return to the village. They invite you to stay and welcome you to live with them on the sacred mountain. As you ponder the offer, you can hear the wind whisper into your ear: Welcome, wanderer. Welcome to Serinis.


This is great - love it :slight_smile:

i love it

This game can be enjoyed in so many ways. :sunglasses:

Amazing shots and great story. Welcome to Vena!!

This was a very nice use of the natural terrain, in addition to the cool Stonehenge-y effect from your sculpture. I spent probably a whole day looking for “the spot” on Epsilo before I started building, so I definitely appreciate the way you incorporated that mountain into your building.

Thanks for the kind words, guys :smile:

I ran around on different planets for quite some time before I found the right spot on Vena. It had to be perfect, so it took me a while until I was satisfied with the area I wanted to settle in. I set myself a few challenges to frame what I was building: build something resembling actual ancient architecture found on earth. Incorporating the movement of the planetary bodies and the sun and moon into it. And leaving the natural terrain as untouched as possible, so that any buildings would blend in harmonically with what was there already.

It was definitely fun to build Serinis, and I plan to expand it further with time. I would also like to try and link a portal to Serinis from the planetary portal hub, but I haven’t quite figured out yet how to make a portal. Also I was happy to see that I was able to do all this with only about 15 levels and the according amount of skillpoints/slots. Looking forward to seeing what is possible with the precise chisels at the gold and silver tier.

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You are the Oortian Boundless needs.