One Last Memory

Azazel looked around frantically over his shoulders as he felt the trembling of the earth beneath him, all the while trying to quickly assemble as many slingbows as possible for the oncoming slaughter when he turns his attention to his hunter companion, Vareesa. “Go! Take what weapons I have to the rest of the Empire’s elite, and prepare for the Titan’s arrival!” Unsure of how to respond to such a demand, Vareesa scoured at her childhood friend, “Prepare for the Titan!? You’ve ~seen~ what that monstrosity is capable of! How could you think that the few we have left could possibly fend of such a horrendous nightmare!?” Azazel stopped himself for a moment, letting the approaching footfalls of the giant creature vibrate though his body, making his bones almost shake at the though of watching his family, his friends, and his hometowns citizens being crushed and devoured by the very thing that was coming for them now. He knew there wasn’t much of a chance… The last of the Oortian strongholds on this planet was finally falling, and with the portals for escape shut down to restrict the access of the minion hordes leading the titan’s attack, there was no hope to go elsewhere. “You know we cannot run. I know we cannot fight, Vareesa. But what choice do we have? For the love of all we have watched suffer, we must do something! And fighting is all we’ve known…” He looks down at the poorly crafted stone slingbow and sighs, wishing that the weapon smith, Novex, was still here. “We don’t have a chance… But in our last moments, this fiend will know the wrath of the Oortion Empire’s elite! And that is a promise!”, Azazel shouted to his lifelong friend, “Now GO! Before it’s too late! Arm what’s left of our hunters, and then send the men and women to me next… Even what’s left of our children… If we ever want to believe we have a chance, Vareesa, we must all fight…” Azazel looks down again, this time at his diamond slingbow, only wishing he could make such a masterpiece to help in a time like this… He hands it slows to the shocked woman standing next to him, “What are you doing?? Why are you giving me this? You must fight too!”, Vareesa cried out, tears beginning to run down her dirt covered cheeks. “Someone has to keep making arms, or this fight will have no chance…” The dark workshop they were standing in, deep into their mountain stronghold, suddenly stopped trembling momentarily, and then suddenly a shrieking roar shook them, and what was left of their crumbling souls. “It’s here…” Azazel’s eyes widened, and without warning, the titan shrieked once more, before it’s mindless drones began to flood the stronghold. “GO! NOW VAREESA! I WILL BE THERE SHORTLY!” She hesitated at first, then grabbed the prized slingbow Azazel had in his outstretched hand, kissed him one last time before saying, “For our people… For our son…” She whipped her head around and turned her attention to the creatures closing in. Vareesa launched as many projectiles as she could, nailing these horrendous creatures between what looked to be their eyes. Some of them dropped to the ground with a great thud, while others only seemed to be stunned. She glanced at her beloved one last time before running up the stairs to the strongholds towers. Azazel stood in disbelief of the monster’s appearance… “We’re out of time… Out of options…” He muttered to himself. He grabbed an Orb of vitality sitting on the workbench next to him and glared into it, letting this one last memory take hold inside. “For our people! For the Oortian Empire! FOR XYVEROS!”, he shouted, grabbing one of the jurry rigged stone slingbows and a handful of bombs, he ran into the horde, only to disappear inside it’s ranks… The memory goes dark…

“Zevaryian! Zevaryian! Wake up!” My eyes flicker open to my friend, Gunth, standing over me. “You grabbed that orb and without warning you just passed out… What happened?” I looked around at the recognizable ruins of what was once Azazel’s last stand, and let a single tear roll down my cheek as his feelings still ran though my heart. “One last memory…”, is all I could muster up as an explanation for the blackout. I looked down at the Orb of Vitality in my hands, and quickly shoved it into my pack before looking back to Gunth, “We should be going. This place is full of dark stories left here by the ancients…” I turned around before my friend could say anything, and began my way out of the ruins, only to glance back up at the destroyed tower one last time before crossing through the portal leading to my home, Xylo, back on Boori. No matter where I go though, that vision will haunt me for the rest of my days… The one last memory of the Oortian’s elimination.

If you’ve read all this, thank you for giving the time to read such a horrendous rendition of fan fiction, but please, I would love to hear the thought’s of others :smiley:


Nicely written.

Thank you :smiley:

this was awesome! not what i expected or hoped for (as in the way it happened/ended - not the writing itself)

Maybe more Vitality Orbs will be found that proves this was not THE end? :wink:

but very well written appart from a few minor spelling errors

Yea, spelling isn’t my strongest subject, though I’m actually working on a continuation, and I plan on incorporating the people who are on my friends list in game into the story as well as their characters. I feel as if not enough information on the Oortians exist, though I also feel that most of the lore surrounding them could even arise from fan fiction such as this, which is the main driving factor. I mean, think about it, the community and worlds are pretty much all player made (save for some of the planets themselves) so why not the lore? And I think personally the devs have done more than a wonderful job incorporating player suggestions as well as their overall opinions of the game. That and I don’t think I’ve seen another game where the developers were as active in the community as the ones here in the Boundless community. And for that I’m both thankful, and driven to hopefully improve the quality of lore, gameplay for others, and the overall experience among the community here <3

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JK its awesome, was just joking

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I love it, it’s got a very Mass Effect feel to it (my favourite game ever btw) would love to read more :slight_smile:

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Ironically enough, a lot of my writing has a mass effecty feeling because it was by far one of my favorite game series of all time <3 I was actually thinking about when the reapers landed on earth in 3 while I was writing this

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Awesome series to draw inspiration from, and it fits so well Boundless, keep up the good work, looking forward to another installation.

As of right now I have sort of a second part on the topic The Oortian Empire, another narrative kind of explaining my perception of how the Oortian civilization might have been structured

Its just a joke

I don’t think that there’s any hard feeling on the subject, as I certainly chuckled from the picture that had been posted, but for the sake of peace amongst Boundless worlds, and the community, we should refrain from touching on the topic any further, as it was a non issue to begin with, though I do respect Illuminoorti for the interjection as I do realize he was just trying to keep a post such as this from happening and keeping the topic… well… on topic :smiley: So errybody be happy :slight_smile: don’t worry, about a thing, cuz every little thing, gon be alright :smiley:

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Are you Canadian?

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Whats that all abooot?

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