One or more guilds for a Account/Char?

The Question is: Should all the Characters of an account should be in the same Guild(s) or should they be each in other guilds (not globaly listed per account)

As examples:

A: In WoW each Char is in his own guild (which CAN be the same).

B: In GW1 the whole account was in a Guild (mainyly for pvp issues), so you could not be in different guilds.

C: In GW2 your Account had a list in which guilds you are listed and you could freely change the “displayed guild” for your char (as often you want). The last one was good if you had a casual guild for normal PvE play and one for PvP team matching (for example).

Which one would you prefer?

I would like to go with C (or B, if C is not wanted). C could also be easy to do with tokens :wink:

I feel like there should be only one character per account, but if there is going to be more than 1 character I would pick B.

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In Elder Scrolls Online, you have the option to join up to 6 guilds per account, and that seems to work for me, since all of my guilds played a different role in my experience (trading, pvp, dungeons, friends etc.)

Each character you have is a separate PERSON, it’s not Trine, at least my immersion tells me so. Everyone should have a different guild.


I second that each character is an individual and can join their own guild. You can always have all you characters join the same guild if you wanted. From the games I came from, I wanted another character to avoid drama and excessive guild responsibility sometimes.

Just 1 guild for each i would say :smile:

There has been comments for every option, but I think most crucial thing is amount of possible backstabbing that could happen if one character can be member of many guilds at the same time. For funny example:

Player A is walking in plains and meets Player B.
Player A can see that Player B is member of neutral Trading guild and it is safe to pass near.


Player A is walking in forest and meets Player B picking flowers.
Player A sees that Player B is member of neutral Trading guild and it should be safe to pass him near.
Player B changes active guild from Trading guild to PvP guild and kills unsuspected Player A.
(Or just skips to stabbing part because even though Trading guild would forbid killing, Player B could say or take that kill in name of PvP guild)

That was quite simple situation, but it is what my clan/guild history and experience immediately says. I don´t remember how things went in GW2 that @TheBirne used as example, because I was quite solo player there and firmly loyal to my one guild that I joined later.

Option A that every character can be in different or same guild if they want it so is better, because then “luring” like one example I used earlier would be much harder to pull off. Only immediate problem or downside is that one could easily scout and spy information for different guild which would be much harder to detect due “alter-ego account”, but one to blame is owner or one that recruited player to guild for being too careless.
Second problem would be that Player A steals stuff from Trading guild (or uses bad language) and owner of trading guild puts Player A to blacklist. Player A uses or create new account Player B to continue stealing/destroying/swearing.

Sorry for long post. I want to hear what other people think about this in general or comments anything that I said. :yum:

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I’m asking honestly here, I’ve never played an MMO before - why are guilds important? How do they add to the game experience? In what circumstances does someone refuse to join any guilds? What else can you tell me?

I agree with one character. This isn’t a typical mmorpg

I have long history with guilds and value of them does change game to game. For example I will mention Eve Online which is impossible to play without huge or powerful clan/guild, because you get blown apart immediately if you move alone.

Well that doesn´t happen in Oort Online, but one reason could be that if players want to capture large island, they could put multiple beacons and “connect” those beacon controlled areas to single guild controlled area via giving rights to use and edit for certain group aka guild. Also those guild members could build castle that only guild members have access or use by limiting all rights to do stuff to guild.

Another reason could be clan or guild only chat that only guild members can access.

Coordinating attack and separation of friendly allies and enemy players via clan name tag or color would be important thing to any PvP clan to have.

Some people just want to be part of something larger or have meaning not to mention how much easier it would be to kill huge Titan -creature in Oort Online if you have group of 50 players than you or your friend.

Jeah, true points. Gw didn’t had pvp on the open world (at least no open pvp servers) so this may become a problem for multi guilding in Oort. So one guild per char sounds more legit.

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Guilds are like a group so its like joining a team or club

There pretty much a group of people you can ask for help, talk to, and do stuff with and sometimes the whole guild gets together and does things together like run raids but that depending on how its ran