One way door

Was just thinking how I could use a door that would allow any one to go through it one way. But you’d need permission to pass through the other way.


A door over a deep hole with lava at the bottom would solve that. Haha


What would be the application?

As it stands, when you open a door it stays open, so even if it could be a thing it would require the person closing the door behind them.

Huh, being thoughtful and closing a door behind you, is rewarded by being blocked from going the way you just came! That’d be a kick in the nuts :angry:

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I’d just like a door that closes itself after I got thru it to keep me from having to turn around and shut it again.


I like the idea, I could see something like this being useful in something I’m thinking of doing - building a big underground labyrinth. At the end, I might put some freebies. I could use a door like this after that point, before the portal out.


I don’t think we will get anything like this as it would make it easy to make rooms that are annoying to exit out of.

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This can be achieved with the existing doors if you are willing to make your entrance at a right angle to the door. I use this configuration in conjunction with a door lock to make a door that cant accidentally be left open.

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Okay, I’m intrigued. Any screenshots or vids that show the exact set up? I have a major ‘compound-esque’ WIP that I have doors and locks everywhere to, just to prevent random players from stumbling in and getting lost or stuck until the project is finished… sometime in 2021…

It’s a good idea. One way’s always have good uses

This sounds like a grief waiting to happen. lol

Newbie enters door, can’t get out and doesn’t know about return to sanctum. :wink:

Highwayman : ”Now give me all your coin and you can continue your Boundless experience…”

Rand0mnub64399: “k butt how!!1?!?!??”


Sliding doors a door pump would look out off place lolz

Oi I’m not talking about a sliding door… self closing hinges, mate, if you want to be technical…
Don’t need door pumps in a fantasy game haha

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I would love an automated Walmart greeter though on opening of the door.

Make it happen devs!

I am not 100% what he has done, but based off of what he said,

I am going to guess he did something along the lines of this.


Ah okay, I can see that. Wouldn’t help with my build, but I can see how that would work well otherwise. Cheers.

Well yes the door would have to shut automatically. I have a guild book hidden. And you have to go to great lengths to get to it. I just put a sign for people to return to sanctum or go back the way the came.

Use a horizontal portal in the floor going to one in the ceiling. One way travel only

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Left angle is possible too, place them as double doors with the other side first to get the parts to rotate the correct way, then remove the other side of the door.

I’m going to fresh Necro this post with the addition of

Why don’t we just get a spanner that instead of auto door makes it a one way door? I’m really all for this idea honestly. it would make for some really great dungeon mechanics for player built labyrinths.