Only Copper and Iron

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Not sure what I am doing wrong but getting really frustrated. I have a lvl 16 gatherer, go to T3 worlds and dig until I can’t stand it. I go down to around 7 elevation with iron hammers and just start branching out. The only thing I find is copper, iron and a little coal. What in the world am I doing wrong?

Check inside hills and mountians. I’ll sell you some dirt cheap if you want.

It needs to be a “metal” T3 world, like Lamblis or Cephonex Merida to find silver or gold. Bitula, Grovidias Te, Boori, the “lush” and “coal” worlds don’t have silver or gold.

Do you use the planet resource data at all? You can see the % of resources available on a specific world which will guide your efforts much more efficiently.

Also, an atlas will guide you to hotspots of the mineral you’re looking for (if it’s present on that world)

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I would aim to going to a t5 world and doing this to look for gems such as Serpensarindi but you will need added exploration protection.

You will need to probably chisel mine to do it faster at your level but it will be much more worth it for gems and additional resources and stone chisels are cheap to mass produce.

Just get underground as soon as you find a good area to mine for the resources you are looking for and block your entrance up so nothing can sneak up on you and you will be mostly safe other then for caves with enemies but you can hear those and lava.

Might not be able to see that. It has a bug and closes every time e prestige updates on a planet.

If you’re in the sanctum it doesn’t update constantly. Only workaround I’ve found for the time being!

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Just to mirror a lot of what was said above, I’ve had more luck finding titanium gold and silver when searching for gems.

But yeah might need to chisel mine.

Other then that stay deep under mountains, use the atlas and hope for the best.

check the knowledge tab for gold or silver seam to see where u can find it
Check the places tab - worlds to get information if the world u are on contain silver or gold
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How do I see this data? I bought a fully populated atlas of Lambis the T3 metal world.

You take a rough ore of what you’re looking for (assuming silver), and place it on the empty atlas.

The atlas will change to a “heat map” to indicate where that resource is likely to be (in the x-y plane only, not depth).

To eject an item from an atlas, press ‘x’ on pc by default, the corresponding ps button should be noted in the bottom left corner when hovering over the atlas.

Press R3 on PlayStation to eject, it is not highlighted sadly, but is noted in the controls portion. Same to drop from inventory.

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I do not even bother with the Atlas and I have pretty much found everything to some degree (except gems on certain planets I have not bothered to visit yet). The ingame knowledge base literally tells you where to find seams (the game tells you that Diamond Seams, for example, are found at low altitudes and under land that reaches high altitude). If you are looking for higher concentrations of specific seams, use the Places->Worlds information ingame to see which planet you have settled has the highest concentration. If you cannot find the seam you are looking for, settle more planets to get more information or just do an internet search.

That said, Copper and Iron are all you are really going to find on sub tier 5 planets. You might get lucky on tier 3 or 4 planets and Iron is a lot more common on T4, but tier 5 is really where you start finding new stuff.

i just wrote where to find this data… in your player menu in the places tab under worlds. U dont need an atlas for this