[Oops] --[T6 - Fierce Blast Sovereign World]-- [Active]

-------------------[Sovereign Details]-------------------
Owner : @Paka
Permissions : Yes Visit | Yes Edit | No Claim
--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 1647
Name : Oops
Type : Blast
Tier : T6 - Fierce
Atmosphere : Lvl 5 Volatile (4 levels)
Size : 3km (34 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Water | ▼ Lava
Region : US West
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
1 blinksecs from Norkyna
Warp Cost : 100c
Portals : No portal for now - grab a token at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon, direct to the mine. :slight_smile:
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared October 25, 2020 3:44 PM
Last until November 24, 2020 3:44 PM

Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

Rank Resource Name Absolute Count Percentage Average Per Chunk
1 Iron Ore 9,570,545 30.02% 259.62
2 Medium Coal 9,408,444 29.52% 255.22
3 Ancient Tech Component 3,587,940 11.26% 97.33
4 Hard Coal 3,236,286 10.15% 87.79
5 Medium Fossil 1,513,585 4.75% 41.06
6 Titanium Ore 1,484,045 4.66% 40.26
7 Large Fossil 985,898 3.09% 26.74
8 Ancient Tech Device 660,498 2.07% 17.92
9 Silver Ore 521,327 1.64% 14.14
10 Rough Diamond 484,525 1.52% 13.14
11 Gold Ore 416,781 1.31% 11.31
12 Rough Ruby 6,287 0.02% 0.17

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

Rank Resource Name Absolute Count Percentage Average Per Chunk
1 Basic Boulder 62,475 38.18% 1.69
2 Beanstalk Boulder 14,982 9.16% 0.41
3 Tuber Plant 13,193 8.06% 0.36
4 Boulder Tower 11,139 6.81% 0.30
5 Glow Cap Fungus 9,112 5.57% 0.25
6 Combustion Fraction 7,495 4.58% 0.20
7 Tinted-Burst Fungus 7,084 4.33% 0.19
8 Tapered Boulder 6,780 4.14% 0.18
9 Trumpet Root 6,007 3.67% 0.16
10 Starberry Vine 4,977 3.04% 0.14
11 Mottled Tar Spot Fungus 4,946 3.02% 0.13
12 Clustered Tongue Fungus 3,626 2.22% 0.10
13 Kranut Plant 3,409 2.08% 0.09
14 Desert Sword 3,364 2.06% 0.09
15 Boulder Ring 2,824 1.73% 0.08
16 Boulder Chip 1,002 0.61% 0.03
17 Weeping Waxcap Fungus 433 0.26% 0.01
18 Oortian's Staff 376 0.23% 0.01
19 Traveller's Perch 223 0.14% 0.01
20 Spineback Plant 187 0.11% 0.01

Any of you feeling like making me happy? Go raid this world and enjoy… show me the stacks of diamonds and hard coal you pull off it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because I will seriously feel like much less of an idiot here and a lot better about throwing a bunch of money at a futile attempt to put this great Blast build on Alcyon if in the end it is useful for you all still. :woman_facepalming: I don’t mind running all the way out to Norkyna personally, but I noticed my non-portaled planets had far fewer visitors than what I have linked at Alcyon, and I really wanted to optimize the hub there for everybody to have nice one-stop shopping.

I kept what appeared to be the best of the attempts, and it IS a really nice planet I think, I put a mine right in the middle of the largest hotspot area. :slight_smile: You can grab a token at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon, the tokens to the Oops Diamonds will take you right to the mine.

If it is really popular, who knows, might even extend!

oops1 oops2 oops3 oops4 oops5 oops6 oops7


great name :joy:

is it for “oops, I did it again?” :grin: :wink:


Gorgeous color palette!


Paka we need to cut you off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Sterbehilfe - Thanks!! :smiley: I really like the look of this one too, tempting to at least extend it even if not too popular.

@boundmore - Hehe, thanks!! :grin: Yep, sort of… kind of berating myself a bit for my indulgence there. Name will serve as a good reminder to myself if I get tempted again. :woman_facepalming:

@DKPuncherello - Haha, no worries, I truly cut myself off this time, for real. :wink: Unless there is a build I absolutely want to test for the builds thread, not doing any more, all the usual kidding aside, very serious here. So this is the last of an era. :grin:


Lol…so funny I think u have a serious addiction. Haha. But I am not complaining. I use all of your planets to mine. I don’t even visit anyone else’s. Your passion to get another planet has turned into great mining planets. I love your enthusiasm. Great job.


Thanks!! :grin: Truly does make me happy that they are being used! :slight_smile: Haha, yeah, already debating with myself whether I should stick to it. :flushed: Withdrawal setting in. And admittedly I was just a little grumpy there over what was probably just some bad luck. Evil Paka is good for a temper outburst or two on occasion, but they blow over quick usually. Let’s see how long I hold out! :wink:

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Lol. Who cares really. 9 dollars is nothing. If I buy smoko(lunch) that’s 20 dollars and it just ends up in the toilet. . So my awesome partner makes me lunch so I can buy a planet…really on the scheme of things its a cheap addiction…


That is how I like to look at it too - I will say I haven’t spent anything I can’t afford and that this would have been entertainment money regardless. Like you said, a meal of take out is that or more… and heck, I don’t eat that much anyways, I can figure it comes out of that. :rofl: But truly - for the $10, I get at least a few hours of entertainment out of each, taking it in and mapping them, even if they aren’t keepers (well, except for most of the last bunch, which I rage quitted on and sentenced to death with barely a glance :flushed: ). Compare that to most stuff out there. Husband and I going to do a couple nights at a casino resort late this year - while we have had some good luck can also say that both of us have on occasion dropped well more than the entirety of what I’ve spent on rentals in the course of an evening. Not proud of that, but puts it in perspective. (Does it really surprise anybody that I have a soft spot for a little IRL gambling? :rofl: I don’t do it too much though, we average maybe one trip for it a year, know our weaknesses!)


I thought about you yesterday. After several attempts to get a (Non mining) tier 5 corrosive planet, I spent forever picking my colors only to turn around and everything is pink from the environmental effects. I got so mad at myself. I knew it was an issue but threw money at it anyway. But, I can’t blame rng.


Maybe we need a “Bad Rental Luck Griping Thread” - where anybody can go and let off a little steam.

“This troll RNG gave me Silk Yellow gleam and only 5k diamond in a big lava pit!!” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
“FIVE in a row on Beckon? Are you kidding me?”
“Great, it decided to put a bunch of Trench EVERYWHERE even though I didn’t pick it!” :sob:
“Why did I pick those colors?! I’m getting a headache looking at this thing… weeks until a change, ugh.”

…Tempting as it is though, that probably wouldn’t be much appreciated by the devs. :rofl: Even if it was good stress relief, haha. :joy:


Yeah, I mean, it is fun to vent, but like, I’m already over my …tantrum. …I’d hate for it to be my final word immortalized…


Yep, me too - I feel bad about my outbursts on this now, really. :frowning: As I mentioned, my tempers usually blow over really quickly. Though a good vent can help with that. :rofl: But truly, I’m over my grumpiness on it completely, more now, I just think it might be more prudent to focus on maintaining what I have, I really WAS doing a bit much, maybe just limit it to a weekly indulgence here or there.

How about a tongue in cheek what have I learned thread…

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Hehe, yep, that might be better -

Like, can’t be said enough: do not, NOT take Trench!! :sob: :scream: :joy:

And know when you’re being unreasonable in your search for perfectionism, like old Paka here. :wink:

I learned…you CAN have too much sponge, rocks and ash.


I look in the mirror for perfection…hahaha yes definitely a joke

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ive mined and tried 1.77% gem planets. ive mined and tried 5.6% gem planets. if it isnt above 4%… dont buy it. =p this one hard coal is really good. i applaud u for that. =o

if its the ugliest punkin in the whole world and serves ur purpose. u dont have to cut it.

I posted this in my other thread but I think it is worth repeating as the counterpoint, for anybody looking to mine: I really don’t care much about % or total number, unless the total is really low, on the rentals I’ve gotten - I want to actually see the hotspots. (Edit: On keeping this one vs the others in the bunch, admittedly I did go mostly by numbers but it was the exact same build figured they wouldn’t be TOO different, plus I was cranky, haha. I did see the big hotspot here too first, which influenced the decision)

I’d far rather have a big hotspot or two with little lava (for low-spawning gems) at 1% than hotspot spread out in little clumps all over the planet with lava everywhere at a way higher %.

Also, % factors in that resource vs others, which makes a higher gem count on some worlds give a much lower % than a lower one on others. For example, my corrosives have had around 2-2.5% or so amethyst with counts being in the 200-220k or so range. I’ve seen Toxics with high emerald % but the other resources are low, and the emerald isn’t concentrated - so I prefer to mine it on my corrosives, which have lower numbers but where I can get it in better hotspots, overlapping or right by amethyst.

This might have only 1.52% diamond, but look at the hotspots - and I’ve tested it, they’re as thick/good as anything I’ve seen out there from what I mined of it. 484k diamonds on a 3km world is pretty high, too - I’ve seen Blasts with higher (I sacrificed a couple biomes to get some other stuff I like), but I’d hate to see anybody miss out by skipping mining worlds like this because they thought it wasn’t good simply because of the %.

Edit: … Also worth mentioning: I know as of the time I posted the thread for one of my Burns, that I had two tied for the highest % of rubies out there: .74%. I went through and looked at a bunch of results on the scanner of gem worlds - only ones I’m seeing a really high % for gems are the emeralds on Toxics. As I mentioned before, I’m not big on mining pure emerald spots as you don’t get too much else in them, I prefer the edges of amethyst spots for it because the profit off all the sales are FAR higher.

Anyways, someone who can run that query tool might be able to correct me here, but I think the highest I saw on Blasts were still under 2%? And even Shock planets with over 500k topaz were still under 2%.