Oort Amalgam? New update

So with the new upcoming update Oort Amalgam are gonna be mostly dead content…
Should there be made Compact Oort Amalgam or maybe they just need to be buffed?

What do you guys think?

How do you figure this?

Not arguing, just curious. Not too familiar with the minute details of the changes coming.

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They are stacks of 900 each


While the Amalgam is still better in power they wont be able to outlast Compact oort + they are much more of a pain to get, so I cant see people wanting to use them when it’s way more convenient just to campact normal oort sharts


Wait you can actually use compact oort as a fuel?!

Thats New to me lol


It’s an unannounced feature for the sword & shield update.

They may have confirmed it in a comment at some point, but I can’t recall.


Oh wow. So we’ll be able to put compact oort in the portals? That’ll be nice.

To answer your original question, I guess compact oort amalgam would make sense (in this context). But to be honest I don’t bother with amalgam. I think amalgam as a fuel probably won’t be deemed viable by most players until the cost of oort drops significantly. I’m not sure how compact amalgam would change that calculation. I would have to see the math/recipes to know for sure but I’m guessing (with all of my future-prediction abilities) that compact amalgam also wouldn’t be used much.


everyone who used compact oort as build block starts to replace the blocks… :joy:


10 years? Goddamn that’s spicy.

…so Where’s the 10 year long stack of beacon fuel? :3c

Pretty sure the meteor ichor is also used in that new death penalty brew. So at least that will have another use.

But amalgam is useless unless they’ll be used to make the strongest weapons and tool made from Oort or something. (No real use for it now)

As for compact oort as fuel. I can’t wait. Got a few stacks of Oort I’m waiting to compact when it goes live.



Until we get the super sayen update its pretty useless, even then its still useless for fuel due to how inconsistent it is.


Oh don’t hurt me so.

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